Top 5 👍 RV Kitchen Gear

This week our "5 for Friday" is all about our favorite RV kitchen gear! We know all RV kitchens are unique and require individual gear, but these 5 items work best for our tiny kitchen. Watch the Video: 1. Single Serving Blender The single serving blender has been one of our favorite RV kitchen additions.... Continue Reading →

5 Full Time RV Vloggers to Watch

This week our Five for Friday series puts the spotlight on our fellow full time RV vloggers. There are tons of vloggers in this amazing community and we believe these are some YouTube channels you should definitely check out. Watch the Video 1. Mortons on the Move Mortons on the Move is Tom & Cait... Continue Reading →

What is Moochdocking? 🚐 ⛺️

This Monday our "Word of the Week" is Moochdocking. We'll discuss what it means to us and how & when we do it. A matter of fact, we're moochdocking right now. Watch the video: What does Moochdocking mean? The term moochdocking is derived from the words boondocking and moocher. Boondocking - which generally means camping... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Boondocking Sites on the Water

This week our "Five for Friday" series deals with some of our favorite things - free camping & water front views! That's right, we're giving you our top 5 boondocking sites on the water! Watch the video: #1 - Snake River in Moran, Wyoming GPS: 44.1034, -110.6861 Body of Water: Snake River Info: Snake River is... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Cheap RV Hacks

This week our "5 for Friday" series focuses on cheap RV hacks. These are hacks we use on a daily basis... and cost less than $20 each! Along with how we use the hack, we'll list the price of each item and a direct link to Amazon. Watch the Video! #1 - Heavy Duty Velcro... Continue Reading →

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