About Us – Olivia, Kyle, and River Moon

Hi! We are Olivia, Kyle and River Moon

For the last two years we’ve been learning, traveling, and connecting with people through Full Time RV Life. We recently wrote and recorded an album of songs inspired by our travels. The music was even recorded within the walls of our 16-foot vintage camper. Listen to the album here!


Our mission is to live deliberately and minimally, removing the clutter and fostering our relationships with the community and the natural world. We currently live fulltime in our camper, exploring all of life’s nuances as we ease down the road.

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Thanks for reading our blog. Help support our mission – to live freely and deliberately – by checking out our Etsy store, shopping Amazon through our link, or treating us to a virtual latte!





  1. Download the app called Best Road Trip Ever!. Roadtrippers is a great tool, but greater when you use the two combined. Best Road Trip Ever shows you roadside attractions (think weird museums, muffler men, worlds largest, etc) historical markers, the best and unique restaurants, folk art, etc. I’ve been using both apps for a few years in planning my big road trip (finally departing next summer!) and they are fantastic. I’ll be seeing every muffler man I can find along my route around the country thanks to those two tools lol. Good luck on your travels!


  2. Mike and I just following you a couple days ago – we are planning on going full timing in 3 years (have our plan outlined on a HUGE whiteboard in our office in order to make it happen) so we have been following lots of working full timers. You two are doing a good job with the video logs and writing – have fun!


    1. Thats great! We had a “vision board” on our wall that our friend encouraged us to make. It had all of our goals on it and we looked at it every day and fine tuned it as we went along! It was very helpful! Best wishes on your journey!


  3. When cool people take a trip, cool stuff is surely to come off it. Love your approach to your reports and stories and I am looking forward to hearing and reading more interesting signs of someone enjoying life to the fullest. HAPPY TRAILS AND MAY THE WIND ALWAYS BE AT YOUR BACK.


  4. Hello and good day from Oklahoma. I have been watching you three for some time now. I love that you both enjoy life so much and have helped teach me what I need to know and give me the courage to get out there. I am currently working on a plan to hit the road and start my own adventure. Maybe some day was will meet out there on the road.
    Keep doing what you do and thank you for sharing.


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