Progress on the Fiber Stream

There hasn’t been much visual progress in the past two weeks – in fact, on the surface it looks like we’ve taken a few steps backwards. However, we are getting a lot done. Here’s a quick list:

  • Cleaned frame, removed rust, and re-painted metal with rust protective paint
  • Removed reflective tape that covered a seam and applied a PVC trim in its place
  • Removed two rotted wood panels
  • Removed carpet
  • Removed all windows and reattached/resealed them

We’ll do a few small projects this week – mostly remove all cabinet doors to prepare for painting. On Monday I’ll be picking up some metal to rebuild the tongue and add structure to the undercarriage. Next week we’ll also begin to remove the axels in preparation to rebolt them on the bottom of the leaf springs to give the camper a slight lift.

That’s all for now!

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