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Recap of June

We have two short months until our departure date!

It has been a busy summer and we’ve been working extra hard to meet our goals and yet there is still so much left to do!

I have been working 6 days a week for the past 3 months, giving me very little time to help Kyle work on the camper. We have exceeded our goals financially, which is a huge relief, but now I’m ready to put our combined energy into finishing up the camper and moving out of our cabin.

Kyle has the new tongue bolted to the frame and ready to be welded and I just finished the template we will use to cut the new bendable plywood for the front interior wall. Next, we will take a look at the brakes to see if they can be rebuilt or if we need to buy new ones. Then, we can put the tires back on and have a solid foundation for our little love nest. Our next steps will be to address any wiring issues and install our solar panels, install the composting toilet, put up the new wood panels behind the dinette, and begin on the finishing touches: floors, paint, cushions, awning…etc

The weather has been hit or miss the past few weeks so hopefully we have clear skies ahead. Maybe if we’re lucky we can sneak in some kayaking and say our goodbyes to the trees and the tributaries that have nurtured our souls and sewn them with wonder and appreciation for the natural world. Our beautiful home has sparked a hunger for what lies beyond. I long to taste the salty breeze of the Pacific ocean, to gaze at the desert night sky, and to stand awestruck before the mountains and canyons of this foreign country I call my own. Since we may get homesick from time to time, we have decided to get a little memento to keep us connected to our roots… Kyle went first and I think it turned out amazing! What do you think?


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