Another Week Closer!

It was a hot July week with little relief from the sun. However, Olivia & I managed to complete a few more tasks despite the heat and humidity.

I finished fabricating the bumper – complete with a spare tire mount and hitch. I bolted and welded it to a piece of angle iron on the end of the camper frame. The angle iron is sturdy enough to support the bumper and the spare tire, but when we connected a bike rack to the hitch, it began to sag. A major bumper bummer. I’m hopingย we can mount a bike rack to the front of the truck. Olivia removedย all of the cabinet doors, hinges and knobs andย prepared the interior for painting.


On the cooler side of things, we browsed many different climate-controlled fabric stores in search forย the perfect interior upholstery fabric. The design we chose was called Karma Black (I prefer calling it Black Karma) from Hancock Fabrics.


Tonight we will order our 200 watt solar system and a few parts for the grey water tank. We have definitely picked up our pace as our departure date is now less than two months away!

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