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The Final Countdown

Only 35 days until our projected departure date!

The wiring in our camper was outdated and damaged, so we decided to rewire the entire camper to ensure we don’t have any difficulties or accidents while traveling. It’s been intimidating, considering our lack of electrical knowledge, but with David’s guidance and assistance we will soon be connecting the brakes and solar panels to wrap up the process. It has been educational to say the least!

The clock is ticking and sometimes stress can get the better of us. At times it can feel like we are barely making progress, but in reality we have a solid foundation that is awaiting it’s final touches to bring it all together. The interior is bare bones right now and it looks far more daunting than the actual work it will take to complete. Here is a glimpse of what we are working with—  

IMG_4127 IMG_4126 IMG_4129

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed thinking about all that is left to be done: finishing the camper, moving out of our house, gathering the supplies we need, packing the camper (probably re-evaluating our essentials) and hopefully taking the camper on a test run before we leave.

In order to keep focused and task oriented, we have had to remind ourselves to take a breather and not forget to enjoy these last bittersweet days. We managed to work in a little fun in order to maintain our sanity 🙂

A tubing trip down Styx River was just what the doctor ordered!
IMG_4224 IMG_4186

Our friends have been so supportive and encouraging. Big Daddy’s has provided me with employment for 5 years, but its given me so much more. I found the people that would become not only my friends and mentors, but my family. I am eternally grateful for the memories made and the lessons learned.

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