The Camper Has Landed – And, Our Final Project Checklist

By Kyle & Olivia Brady | Founders of Drivin' & Vibin' | We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

After months of sitting up on blocks, our Fiber Stream is finally back on her own four tires!

Over the last few weeks we completed the installation and rewiring of the new trailer brakes, we replaced the bearing seals and packed the bearings, installed a new 7-prong electrical connector, and installed new tail lights & side lights complete with new wiring!

We still have some projects to finish before our September 15th departure date.

Here’s the list:

  1. Wire Solar Power
  2. Make Modifications to Interior Wiring
  3. Install Grey Water Tank
  4. Check Propane System / Mount Tank
  5. Install Laminate Flooring
  6. Install Interior Front Wood Panel
  7. Paint Interior
  8. Install Composting Toilet
  9. Install Landing Gear
  10. Wrap and Secure Wiring Underneath Camper
  11. Fix Door
  12. Buy & Install Vinyl Decals
  13. Re-paint Exterior Stripe
  14. Buy & Install Curtains
  15. Install Interior LED Lights

The list seems pretty long still Рbut, I feel confident we can complete it. Wish us luck and look for an update soon!

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Thanks Y’all!


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