Lots of Progress this Labor Day Weekend!

By Kyle & Olivia Brady | Founders of Drivin' & Vibin' | We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

Autumn mountain ranges, elk on the horizon, and peaceful star-lit skies are right around the corner – however, this holiday weekend was complete with sweat, chop saws, and nail guns.

We made some major progress on the camper over the last three days.

On Saturday we put in the new floors! We picked out the heavy-duty Pergo, Sugar Maple Laminate.


We finished up the floors and the trim on Sunday – and began building a new storage shelving unit, a new main door, and new cabinet doors.

Here’s the shelving unit.


Today we installed the cabinet doors and made some progress on the main entrance door.

Here’s the process of the cabinet doors.


Our to-do list is getting shorter every day and we are getting super excited to become fulltime camper dwellers!

Thanks for keeping up with our progress & for your support during this exciting transition!

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  1. Hi, so I love all the upgrades and remods you guys did on your Fiber Stream! I’m curious as to whether you removed the bunks and cabinets when you removed the old carpet and whether you installed the new flooring onto all of the floor and then reinstalled cabinets and bunks on top or if you just left the underside of bunks/cabinets with subfloor?? Also, did you fabricate new bunk frames and new frame for cabinets or just the doors?

    I know silly questions probably, I just would rather take an approach already successfully done lol, as you all have done, and I don’t know where to begin a little overwhelmed. But I’m also wondering then what the SqFt total was you used to determine how much you’d order to replace flooring? With all the bunks and cabinets it’s hard to measure without removing them… so I’m trying to get an idea of SqFt size and costs estimates.

    Also, did yours come with a white insulation material throughout the camper (on walls)? I’m wondering if we should remove this and see what’s going on under and if we do, what are our options for reinstalling a similar wall (maybe better with less texture and seams) and if I did would I have to reinstall insulation too? Any help would be great! Thanks and thanks for all the blog info and pics!


    1. Thank you! We did not remove any bunks or cabinets, we just installed the new flooring around them. We had such little floor to cover we just got one pack of planks at Home Depot or Lowes and figured we could always pick up more if we needed it. We did not replace cabinets and bunks, just the doors. We didn’t have any insulation on our walls, but I think I’ve seen where some people have removed it on their campers before. Just beware of condensation if you remove it, it might be preventing it. Best of luck!

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