Out of Work (and Lovin’ It)!

By Kyle & Olivia Brady | Founders of Drivin' & Vibin' | We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

It is official – Olivia and I are no longer working… well, an official job at least. Olivia wrapped up her job at Big Daddy’s Grill after the Labor Day weekend and I played my last scheduled gig on Wednesday. With our calendars clear, we are one step closer to being fulltimers on the road.

Our original plan was to begin our journey on September 15 (with a strict departure date of the 30th). As of today, it looks like we’ll be leaving on the 28th.

The camper is about 90% complete after an intense weekend of work. Many thanks go out to Terry for lending his knowledge, skill and time.

We completed and installed our new front door – it is beautiful birch work, with a weather proofed exterior. We also finished the closet and bathroom doors.

Our vinyl decals were applied!

And, we got a lot of other (less fun) tasks done.

  • Installed handles and catches for cabinet doors
  • Welded on new safety chains
  • Built and installed a vent cover.
  • Built and installed a small door for access to shore power cord
  • Installed new shades
  • Installed a new LED porch light
  • Reinforced the bumper and hitch

Here is a photo of Olivia testing out the bike/cargo rack attached to the newly reinforced bumper.

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