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Wind at our Backs

Wind at our Backs

We set out yesteray morning on a dark and rainy day very much like the day we picked up our little camper. It seemed fitting for our new home to leave the same way she arrived.

It was a surreal week. Actualizing our goals is rewarding, but to manifest our dream is a fulfillment like no other. This whole process has been broken into segments and tasks slowly growing into something far greater than a completed project. It became a vision of future endeavors. A tool to become the best versions of ourselves.

There was no shortage of tears this weekend as we said goodbye to the ones we love and ventured out into the unknown. My heart overflows with gratitude for the immense love and support everyone has shown over the past year, helping us make this possible. 

Our first stop was at Gulpha Gorge Campground in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Eager to jump right in, we hiked a nearby trail to an overlook called Goat Rock. We had been stuck in a car for 8 hours and were ready to get moving despite our lack of sleep. The exhaustion became apparent in the first five minutes of walking up steep rocky inclines, but our excitement pushed us forward. Not to mention our apparently avid hiker dog River, taking the lead and hauling us along. We made it almost back to the campground when we learned our first lesson as over eager newbies. Do not stray from the designated path. We came to the stream crossing that leads you back into the campground and decided we wanted to walk down to the water first. I followed River’s lead (ignoring my better judgement to find better footing) and walked down a path of loose gravel and fell in slow motion, rolled and went sliding face first into he rocky river bed. I was initially shocked but then overcome with laughter, meanwhile Kyle looked utterly distraught as he looked over my scraped temple and chin. 

I wasn’t hurt badly except for my pride, but I will have to wear my shame on my face for the next week or so until it heals. I guess you have to earn your stripes somehow. Needless to say, we took hiking a bit more seriously by the end of it, but thats not going to stop us from hiking and exploring all afternoon. We will, however, be watching our step and slowing our pace to avoid a more serious blunder. I was a bit hesitant to share my embarrassing story, so not to alarm our already nervous family back home, but instead of ignoring the inevitability of having some mishaps, I believe it’s more comforting to know that whatever the circumstance we will dust ourselves off and get back up. We are ready for any and everything this world has to teach us, even the hard lessons.


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