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Listening: A Perk of Fulltiming

We’ve been on the road for 50 days now, and its been over two months since we’ve “worked a job”. While we’re continuing to learn new lessons about daily life as fulltimers, we’ve also been able to tune into many of the nuances this lifestyle offers.


Out here on the road, televisions, traffic, commercials, opinions, and static begin to fade. We can live without being told what to buy. We can deliberately surround ourselves with quiet energy. The three of us coalesce onto the same wavelength.

A cup of coffee and a piece of nature become entertainment – a stage where we’re all players. If we’re quiet enough, we just might be able to hear the animals talking to us. I assume this is what life 100 years ago felt like.

Unlike the early 1900s, in our moments of peace we still have access to the internet. This connectivity can negatively pull us right back into modern society – but, it can also let us experience solitude in a new way.

Spotify and our wireless bluetooth speaker have become an awesomely positive form of connectivity for us. We have access to millions of songs, and it creates a “Discover Weekly” playlist uniquely for our taste. Music has moved into the foreground. We have the time to explore new artists and the messages of the song.

Here’s a playlist of what we’re vibin’ to:


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