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Living on $2000 a Month: Our November Budget Results

Living on $2000 a Month: Our November Budget Results

During our first month as fulltimers we were in all-out vacation mode. Speeding from park to park, we burnt through miles and money. We bought snacks and drinks at every gas station, we ate out often, and we even bought shirts and hoodies in tourist towns. This frivolous living was definitely not aligned with our original mission.

 We enjoyed the month-long vacation, but we knew it was time to create a budget.

Budget Creation

Our budget goal is pretty simple: don’t spend more than we make. As the average monthly income from our Etsy store is $2000, we decided to create a livable budget around that.

We have minimal fixed costs (insurance, phone & internet subscriptions, bills) – these expenses are $370 a month. Leaving us $1630, we created our monthly living budget.

  • Camp Site: $750 a month ($25 daily)
  • Food: $600 a month ($20 daily)
  • Gas: $200 a month ($6.67 daily)
  • Post Office: $80 month ($2.67 daily)

We created a color-coded budget calendar and detailed budget book to help us achieve our goals.



November Results

We spent the entire month of November in southern California – home of expensive gas & campgrounds. We camped in Tecopa Hot Spings, Mojave, and Piru. We toured Hollywood, Malibu, and Santa Monica. Even though we were living by the budget, we had many enriching experiences both in nature and the Big City.

Here are our November budget results:

  • Camp Sites: $528 ($17.60 daily average)
  • Food: $369 ($12.30 daily average)
  • Gas: $196 ($6.53 daily average)
  • Post Office: $289 ($9.63 daily average)
  • Other: $264 (propane, Etsy supplies, spark plugs, parking, etc)

November Living Expenses: $1,646

Fixed Expenses: $370

November Total Expenses: $2,016

November Income: $2,164


We were thrilled to end November in the green. We actually saved $148!

We’re headed to Arizona in December where the cost of living is much better. Our budget will remain the same, although some adjustments will need to take place. We spent a lot more money at the post office than expected. This isn’t an awful problem since it means we’re selling more items on Etsy. Overall, it was pretty easy to meet our goals without missing out on experiences.

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alice myers

Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

looks and sounds awesome, we are full timers also and live on a fixed income. we own our 2014 fifth wheel but the 2014 dodge ram 3500 isnt paid for yet. But we just relocated from san diego to south coastal town in oregon. let me tell you its awesome and cheap.. we are parked right on the rouge river in Gold beach, oregon. we pay $250 space rent, around $65 for propane, $33 for electric. I even have washer and electric dryer, wash 3 times a week. I love it, very peaceful and good energy flowing.


Wednesday 2nd of December 2015

Do you guys have health or dental insurance? Or any other bills such as student loans, credit card loans, tithe, or anything like that? Just wondering.

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