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From Lake Piru, Califoria

Piru is fading into the distance and Desert Hot Springs looms just beyond the horizon. We really enjoyed our month long stay at Lake Piru; It gave us a chance to catch our breath after an exciting first month on the road. We have friends and family in the area and with the big city just an hour away, the days and weeks slipped by easily. As the month came to an end, our wandering hearts awoke with a surge of renewed energy and we are excited to be on the move again.

Our travels thus far have brought an unending array of beauty and natural wonders, but our stay at Piru allowed us to cultivate something we didn’t know we had been missing— human connection.
We attended Thanksgiving with cousins who graciously welcomed us into their family. We met many beautiful souls that accepted us as their own and will forever hold a place in our hearts and our tribe.

We met our new friends and kindred spirits, Anna and Kelly. They have been traveling in their pace arrow for 8 months and documenting their journey over at “Small House Big World.” We consecrated our friendship over their infamous homemade pizza, which may be the most sacred union of dough, cheese and veggies to ever grace the palette of deprived “oven-less” nomads, such as ourselves. They were great fun and we hope we will be seeing more of them in our travels.

Before we left, we managed to catch up with an old friend and exchange stories of travel, life and love. We shared experiences from life on the road and listened to tales of beautiful foreign lands.

Within the past few weeks, we’ve had some very encouraging and flattering experiences that have honored us greatly. Once, while Kyle was out walking the dog, he was stopped by a gentleman asking if we were “Drivin and Vibin” Kyle replied that we were. The man went on to say that he and his wife began fulltiming a few weeks ago and we were a inspiration to them.

On another occasion, we spoke on the phone with a friend back home, who is diligently working his way towards fulltime life; He had many kind words to say and we discussed his plans and potential rig. He thanked us repeatedly for helping pave the way for him to follow in our footsteps and promised to see us on the road before long.
These seemingly small exchanges mean the world to us. It fills us with joy to know that by following our passions and pursuing our dream, we have helped others find their own truth. It’s an honor to know we can offer guidance and support, as so many others did for us and still do! I’m excited to eventually meet some of the seasoned full timers that have inspired us and to meet fellow newcomers as well! We are planning to attend an Xscapers convergence during the quartsite RV show next month, so perhaps we can do just that!

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