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Living on the road and operating a vintage Etsy shop has its share of perks. We enjoy the freedom to travel and the opportunity to work for ourselves. One of our favorite aspects of this kind of work is being able to hunt for vintage treasures in every new town we visit.

California’s Central Desert had an amazing amount of thrift stores and a weekend full of yard sales. We explored Joshua Tree, Desert Hot Springs, Palm Springs, and Cathedral City. Here are some of the highlights of our most recent treasure hunt.

Gypsyland, Desert Hot Springs

This was the best thrift store we’ve been in since southern Alabama. It was a mix between an old cluttered thrift store and a well curated vintage store. We didn’t have to sift through the new, plastic “junk”; it was all vintage! The prices were higher than a typical thrift store, but low enough to still find deals. Unfortunately, the cashier wasn’t too keen on haggling prices. We found some cool 1980s Pee Wee Herman books, a few 1950s smutty romance novels, and 1970s erotic prints.


Book Exchange, Joshua Tree

We love old book stores! This smallish, strip mall shop was packed full of well-organized reads. We spent over an hour browsing. In true form of a book exchange, all books are half price when the buyer brings books to exchange. We found two interesting vintage (1970s) books – “Daily Occult in Practice” and “Magic Power of Witchcraft”.


Desert Yard Sales

Yard sales are totally “Hit or Miss”. I like to think we can get a read on it as we drive by, but we’re always surprised by what can be found tucked in the corners. This was the case in Desert Hot Springs. We found an amazing stack of 1930s & 40s auto magazines. They were full of colorful ads – oil companies, spark plugs, war-time, cigarettes, and more!


It was great to find so many treasures. We had over 200 items depleted from our shop after the holiday shopping rush. A restock of colorful prints was essential! We’re back up to 1900 listings, our goal is to get up to 2500.

We’ll be spending time in El Centro, Yuma, Quartzsite, and Blythe over the next few weeks. Our eyes and ears are on the look out for some Estate Sales. If you have any tips, please let us know!

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  1. Great area Quartzite is amazing you might find some deals but there are also many savy “junkers”….fantastic used bookstore run by a very unique guy… did a watercolor of him sitting at his piano…Enjoy….we hope to get that way next winter…

  2. I’m sure you know about it already but just in case, lists estate sales all over the country. I also check craigslist for local sales. Happy hunting.

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