Fulltiming: Monthly Financial Report

By Kyle & Olivia Brady | Founders of Drivin' & Vibin' | We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

Christmas shopping boosted our Etsy revenue in December and the holiday spirit loosened up our spending habits. We ate some awesome sushi, soaked in mineral baths, bought tons of local fruit, and treated ourselves to a tourist t-shirt at East Jesus, Slab City.

Here’s an overview of our December finances.

Living Expenses

We camped at 5 different locations across the southern California desert – Lake Piru ($18/nightly), Desert Hot Pools ($22.50), Sky Valley Resort ($25), Fountain of Youth ($9.95), and Anza Borrego (FREE).

Total Monthly Camping Expense: $554

Daily Average: $17.87

Our November daily average was $17.60, and our daily budget is $25.

We ate fast food a few times in December and ate at a restaurant once. There was an amazing fresh, local market in Desert Hot Springs – we splurged there a few times!

Total Monthly Food Expense: $582

Daily Average: $18.77

Our November daily average was $12.30, and our daily budget is $20.

We didn’t tow the camper very far in December (probably 250 miles), but we made trips into town almost every day. One of my un-scientific tests showed we get 13mpg between towing and driving around town.

Total Monthly Gas Expense: $201

Daily Average: $6.48

Our November daily average was $6.53, and our daily budget is $6.66.

We had some miscellaneous expenses including mouse traps, t-shirts, propane, laundry, showering, gas station snacks, and an oil change.

Total “Other” Expenses: $171

December Living Expenses: $1508

Fixed Expenses: $400

Total December: $1908

Daily Average: $61.55

Etsy Revenue for December

Revenue: $2485

Shipping Expenses: $408

Supplies & Inventory Expenses: $120

Net Income: $1957


December was a great month for revenue, yet we weren’t spending at smartly as possible. We need to focus on food costs and cheap camping in January. With the Etsy store success of December, we stocked up on shipping supplies and additional inventory.

Most importantly, we had a joyful December filled with exploration, community, and great food!

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  1. I love what you are doing, incredible to have the freedom you so wanted. Intrigued by your financial statement for the month, one huge cost not shown in the breakdown is what two young healthy people are paying for health insurance. I know you are keeping the math simple, but I also see the gross profit versus the net profit after monthly vehicle insurance, health insurance and federal income tax on the business end is deducted. It looks sustainable, but then again the store was no doubt busier than normal with the holiday season factored in. All the best in 2016, one of your fans!

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