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After spending two months in the comfort of southern California we decided it was time to venture across the border into Arizona. Our plan was to explore Yuma for a week and then move north toward Quartzsite. As new Escapee members, we thought this would be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of our membership by staying at the SKP KOFA Ko-Op.

We’re two fulltiming millennials. We aren’t 55+. At all age restricted parks we call first to verify if that rule applies to transient guests (in most cases we’ve found it only applies to residents).

Upon entering the registration office I was asked if I was an RV repair man. When I told the group I was here to register, they immediately questioned “how old are you” – which was followed by “are you an Escapee member”. The tone wasn’t kind or open minded, it sounded worried and mystified.

It was an unpleasant first impression, but our short stay wasn’t overshadowed by this experience.

Here’s the breakdown:

Location: Yuma, AZ

GPS: 32.58233, -114.56647

Price: $8 (dry camping). We were hoping to get a full hook-up site for the $100 weekly rate. Unfortunately, all sites were full. We camped in the dry camping spot and put our name on the  “full hook up” waiting list.

Date / Temp: We camped there January 4th-5th. We would’ve stayed a week if a hook up site became available. It was overcast and rainy during our stay. Highs in the low 60s, and a low of 50.

Noise: This was one of the noisiest parks we’ve stayed at – but, the noise was only during the hours of 8am-1pm. These folks are happy-go-lucky in the morning, walking their dogs and giving greetings. I’m an early riser and the noise didn’t bother me – it was kind of refreshing. The park was quiet in the afternoon and evening.

Wifi / Cell: Our AT&T service was solid. We quickly browsed the web and made calls. The T-Mobile hot spot took a little coercing, but we finally found 4g connection and did some serious binging.

Grocery / Errands: This park is located a few miles outside of town. The location wasn’t an inconvenience, though. We shopped at numerous nearby thrift stores, and visited a pet store. Mostly, we just hung out inside the camper due to the weather.


Entertainment: We were hoping to swim in the pool and soak in the hot tub – weather didn’t permit.

Community: The residents at KOFA Ko-Op were very kind. An hour after we settled into our spot, a few greeters gave us a warm welcome and handmade gifts! Neighbors introduced themselves with genuine kindness.

Our Overall Experience: Looking back upon the first impression, I don’t think it was coming from a negative place. We are (relatively) young, and that probably caught the registration desk off guard. The community at this park was top notch. We’d enjoy staying again (with full hookups). Yet, I look forward to the day Xscapers has a line of parks aimed toward the lifestyle of working age fulltimers.

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  1. cmm66 says:

    Hello! First time at your blog (followed a link from one of the FB RV pages) and found your comments and review really interesting.

    I was especially struck by your sentence: “I look forward to the day Xscapers has a line of parks aimed toward the lifestyle of working age fulltimers.” Would you consider doing a comment (or even a post at some point) about what features such a line of parks would and wouldn’t have?

  2. Hans Gyswyt says:

    Your review reminded me back in the 90’s when my kids were young we took them out of school twice for the whole month of February so we could pretend to be snow birds. Traveling without reservations was frustrating, because by evening time all first come parks were full, and our trusted Trailer Life directory left us with private parks, most of which were 55 and over, and several times we had to beg to stay because we were tired and just wanted a place to park, eat dinner and sleep. All the best with your journey.