Yuma, Arizona – The Thrift Store Scene

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The thrift scene in Yuma is on fire. As snowbirds migrate to this desert town, so does a lot of old junk! We’re searching for new inventory for our Etsy shop – The Wooden Earth. Paper products (maps, prints, and books) are our main target, but we’re also looking for a cooking pot, tea pot, and fitted sheet.

Our first few days in Yuma were overcast and rainy, a perfect combination for treasure hunting.  Assistance League of Yuma Thrift Shop was the first (and best) stop of the day. The staff was friendly and helpful. We found a stack of 1960s Playboy magazines, a few childrens’ books from the 1930s, and a 1950s cosmetology training book.


We’re interested to see how the Playboy magazines sell. A flea-market-veteran we befriended in Alabama swore that those nudie mags move more quickly than any other item he sold. The childrens’ books we scored are oversized; they produced some large, high quality prints to sell individually.

Yesterday we explored Historic Yuma – a three block strip of antique shops, bars, and restaurants. While antique stores have higher prices, they usually offer a bookshelf full of old books. In many cases, we can still find great value if we find the “right” book.


One of our finds in Historic Yuma was a 1935 illustrated book of sports. Every page had beautiful drawings, typical of the era, featuring water skiing, football, baseball, kite flying, and cockfighting. We also scored a funky, metaphysical book for our personal collection.

We didn’t find a treasure chest full of gold, but we found a few gems here and there. Our next stop is Quartzite – we hear its a flea market heaven!

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