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We travel the country full-time in our camper while operating a vintage Etsy shop (it’s our sole source of income). As we meet people along this journey, we are often asked how we are able to support ourselves with the online shop and why don’t we sell on eBay.

The answer to the “how” – hard work and a good eye. But, as to why we choose Etsy – that’s a little more in depth.

We’re avid Ebay customers

eBay is great. We buy stuff on there at least once a month. It’s a competitive marketplace that offers a deep selection of, well, everything. The top sellers on eBay sell massive quantities of merchandise, or have found an extremely niche market.

We sell antique maps, prints, and books. The marketplace on eBay is saturated with these kind of items. If an eBay buyer is willing to learn search methods & strategies, they will never shop on Etsy for vintage items. We’re seasoned eBay bargain hunters – some of our Etsy inventory comes from the killer deals we’ve scored on eBay.

So why do we sell on Etsy?


The layout of Etsy allows us to “curate” our shop. The design is less cluttered, more sleek, and gives us the ability to order the products as we wish. Shopping at Etsy is like shopping at Publix instead of Walmart – or even, using a Mac instead of a PC. It just feels and looks better.


This is the big one. Etsy customers are kind, personable, and modern. They’re college students decorating their dorm room. They’re soccer moms buying gifts for a vegan baby shower. They’re boyfriends knowing how to win their woman’s heart. We can relate to Etsy customers. We are Etsy customers.

This makes it hard – because we want to keep so many of our shop’s items!

We contribute a large part of our shops success to “knowing the customers” because we are the customers.


We like to offer competitive prices on Etsy – not yard sale prices on eBay. The typical price of our items is $15. The price includes the amount we paid for it, the time it took to list it, and our eye to find it. No one on eBay pays for “the eye to find it”.

Just to be clear…

We do sell things on eBay. Military items and rare vinyl records sell well on the site.

What about Amazon Handmade?

Considering we don’t sell handmade items, we have no need for this new Amazon platform. We do keep up with all the fuss, though. Amazon has the same problem as eBay, it has no “feel”. We don’t catch good vibes shopping at either mega-retailer, only good deals.


Etsy works for us because we know, and enjoy, the clientele.

Thanks for reading our blog. Help support our mission – to live freely and deliberately – by checking out our Etsy store or treating us to a virtual latte!




  1. A nice recap of the differences between eBay and Etsy. I’ve found that eBay does well when selling tools or video games. Not so well at selling handmade book journals. 🙂

  2. I believe the same way you do about Etsy !! It is so personable, I love having conversations with people … I love that customers will send me photos of what they did with the item they bought. I love the fact that my shop can be what I want it to be. Also, how I am able to learn new things everyday with all the articles they provide. It’s fun to shop on Etsy also. 🙂 …Thank you for your updates on your great adventure !

  3. That is so wonderful! I am so happy for you. I have tried selling on Etsy, but I must not be doing something right. I know I make beautiful wreaths, but this is the second time trying Etsy. I have had items on there for almost a month and haven’t sold a thing. I am new to Etsy, and don’t know everything about it, but I will trudge on and see what happens. I have been selling on eBay. I am not happy with my sales, I want to do more, but it just isn’t happening. So I am glad somebody is having good luck selling. Have safe travels!

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