Xscapers Convergence – Quartzsite 2016

By Kyle & Olivia Brady | Founders of Drivin' & Vibin' | We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

We had an action packed weekend attending the 2016 Xscapers convergence. We gathered together in the Arizona desert, boondocking a few short miles from the Quartzsite market.

Our first day here, we had to get the truck towed to a nearby repair shop. We had a cracked thermostat housing, which caused all the coolant to leak out and the truck to overheat. Thankfully, we had already set up camp and we were able to participate in group activities while we waited out the repairs. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, considering we were surrounded by a whole community of like-minded individuals eager to offer a helping hand.


Besides, I felt like it was about time we paid our dues to the open road. With so many beautiful experiences flooding into our lives, it seems only fair that we are met with a few challenges along the way. If anything, it helped us further appreciate how wonderful it is to be a part of the fulltiming community. Friendship is an effortless endeavor here and generosity – a way of life. We look forward to large social gatherings that once would have given us anxiety just thinking about. We feel at ease amongst strangers, knowing each person is an exciting new opportunity to learn and grow.


During the Xscapers event, we participated in various discussions offering so much valuable information. We discussed boondocking, which covered some common issues and possible solutions. We talked about working on the road and some options to consider when trying to find seasonal or remote work. There was also a seminar on refrigerators, with ways to extend their life and conserve energy.

Don’t be fooled, not every activity was all business. Each night there was a fire where everyone gathered and got to know one another. This is also where we learned what fire dancing was! Thanks to the fearless performance of one of our favorite Technomads– Cherie Ve Ard!


Needless to say, we enjoyed our first convergence and we took away something far greater than we imagined. We made connections that will last a lifetime, expanded our minds and expanded our hearts. We walked away with a feeling so light and pure it seems to defy gravity. It filled our entire being with a buoyancy that will carry us effortlessly towards the next perfect moment.

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