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3 Dreamers RV Park – Salome, Arizona

After a couple days of boondocking at American Girl Mine, Olivia & I were ready to shower (and have some hookups)!

We pulled into Mayflower Park in Blythe, California expecting the best. Unfortunately, we were hugely disappointed. The park is having issues with their water well, the bathrooms look worse than prison showers, and the spots are packed like sardines.

After one night there we pulled out and drove east knowing something better is bound to come our way. We found 3 Dreamers RV Park in Salome, Arizona. They offered full hookups and a Passport America discount.

Here’s our experience:

Location: Salome, Arizona

GPS: 33.70642, -113.81929

Price: $16/night plus electric (Passport America discount). The park charges a $5 nightly deposit for electric. We stayed three nights, were charged $15 for the electric deposit, and refunded $9.50 (cash) upon checkout.

Date/Temp: January 12th – 14th, the highs were in the high 60s, and a low of 30.

Noise: The evenings were quiet. The campground hosted a campfire on Wednesday night. It seemed pretty chill. The mornings, however, were noisy with projects. It seemed like everyone in the park was working on something – ATVs, washing machines, campers, etc…

Wifi/Cell: Our AT&T cellular service was robust. The 4G connection was fast and uninterrupted. Our T-Mobile hotspot was only receiving 2G – five miles east it connected to a strong 4G signal. The campground offered free wifi. The service was overloaded during peak hours (10am – 9pm). We were able to stream Netflix with it from 9pm until we fell asleep.

Grocery/Errands: From Quartzsite to Wickenburg, the grocery options are minimal. We bought a handful of dry goods at the dollar store in Quartzite and some awful, off-brand coffee at a grocery store in Salome. Complete all errands before venturing to this neck of the woods!


Entertainment: We hiked up the Harquahala Mountain Trail. The trailhead was about 15 miles east of the RV park. There are other trails closer, but not as scenic and challenging. 3 Dreamers offered daily activities; we didn’t take part in any, but considered it a few times. They kindly offered us to borrow their four wheeler for a expedition on Friday – unfortunately, we departed before then.


Overall: It was a cozy park, and a great solution to our dismal Mayflower Park experience. If we’re ever in the area again, and the Passport America rate is available we will surely return!

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  1. Hans Gyswyt says:

    Way back in 1995, we stayed at what I believe was Mayflower Park, right on the Colorado River in Blythe CA and our family got sick there after drinking the water. It was terrible. After that we went to Camping World and had a water purification system installed in our RV to prevent further issues.

    To this day I always hookup my water hose at a new location, run the water through the hose before connecting to the RV and do a taste test. If it doesn’t pass my taste test, it doesn’t go in our RV. I always travel with full water when I can for this very reason.

    Love your reviews. I’m heading down that direction from Seattle next week searching for some sun and warmer weather.

  2. Barb L says:

    In Ajo for the Fiddlers Contest and spotted a possible source for vintage ephemera. Ray Sanchez of Bello Mexico Imports has stacks of old movie posters and photos. Posters are in Spanish. Both posters and photos are about 16×20″. He asks $2 each for them. When I say stacks, I mean about a 10-12′ high stack total for the posters and maybe 2′ high for the photos. [email protected]

  3. That’s awesome! Thanks for the heads up!