The Cost of RV Living : Our February Expenses

By Kyle & Olivia Brady | Founders of Drivin' & Vibin' | We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

Our February expenses were the lowest since we began this journey. We had some great successes and a few financial short-comings.

Here’s the breakdown:

Camping Fees:

In January we bought a used Honda 2000 generator for $600. The intent of this purchase was to extend our boondocking opportunities, saving us “campground expenses” over the course of 2016. We took full advantage of the generator in February (being in southern Arizona with tons of BLM land helped too)!

We camped at seven different locations – 26 days of free camping, 15 days of dry camping, one day of full hookups, and 3 days of paid camping. We were able to barter 9 days of camping at La Siesta Campground, trading our services for an electric & water hookup.

  • Total Camping Fees: $35
  • Daily Average: $1.21

Food Cost:

Olivia & I were so proud of the amount we were saving on camping fees that we treated ourselves to a few extra restaurant meals. It didn’t help that Tucson offered a ton of great eats! We enjoyed Indian Fry Bread, a vegetarian buffet, and Mexican food galore. However, we really missed an opportunity to save money by eating out more than usual.

  • Total Food Cost: $724
  • Daily Average: $24.97

Gas Cost:

We love low gas prices, and Arizona had some of the lowest we’ve seen! Even though we traveled a fair distance and used about 15 gallons of gas for the generator, we finished February spending less on gas than our prior months!

  • Total Gas Cost: $180
  • Daily Average: $6.20

Other Expenses:

We kept a watchful eye on our expenses this month and limited our “other expenses” category to an oil change and a few auto supplies.

  • Total Other Expenses: $83
  • Daily Average: $2.86


We consider February an overall success for our expense report. Keeping food cost down in the upcoming months will help the budget, but we try not to limit our experiences either.

  • February Overall Expenses: $1022
  • Fixed Expenses (Insurance, Bills, Etc): $400

The Cost of RV Living for February: $1422

In January we spent a total of $1692 ($270 in savings month over month)

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  1. You don’t mention cell phone or Internet bills. That is one of our significant bills each month. Does that fall under fixed expenses?
    I admire your determination and that you guys have figured out a way to make it at such a young age. You are truly living the dream!

  2. Hi , I have been following your adventures and more power to you. The wife and I had our first extended Rv adventure this winter and spent about a month at la posa in quartzite and then another month in Phoenix camping at my brothers place. It was great spending time with family and good friends that I grew up with in Phoenix . Now I live in southern Missouri and trying to build a sustainable farm other than the two months running from the cold. We have about eighty acres of land a big garden we plant in the spring, chickens we get eggs and meat from along with pigs we put in the freezer.
    Anyway we have plenty of places to camp if you get out this way and would love the help if you are interested in the experience. We have fencing we need to put up, we also are working on going off grid with solar and antique diesel gen sets, lots of construction projects as this is a work in progress. I am sure you could make enough to cover your expenses and have some fun learning new experiences let me know if your interested or if you just need a place to camp while passing through.

  3. My husband and I are really considering making a go of living on the road. We live in Tucson so I had to chuckle that you were spending some time here, we’d really like to explore anywhere but here, I will miss the Mexican food! I love to see that you guys are making it work.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s from full timers such as yourselves that share info like this that makes me think I can make it happen.

    LOVE your blog and have been following for awhile now. Thanks for everything

    1. Thanks so much for the support! That’s exactly the type of impact we hope to have! We want to show how affordable this lifestyle can be for anyone whose interested!

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