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From Roswell, New Mexico to our hometown of Fairhope, Alabama – we did a lot of traveling in March. The purpose of this trek was to reposition ourselves for our summer travel plans and visit our families.

We discovered that this kind of pace isn’t good for our budget.

Here’s our budget breakdown of fulltime RV life for March 2016.

Camping Costs

In the 31 day span of March we camped at 14 locations – 7 nights of dry camping and 11 nights of free camping. The most expensive campsite was Stillwell RV Park in Big Bend Texas at $24/night. We took advantage of our Harvests Hosts membership three nights, bartered three nights in Onalaska, and driveway surfed for four nights.

  • Total Camping Cost: $305
  • Daily Average for March: $9.84

Food Expenses

Our February food expenses were WAY out of line. During the month of March we went out to eat less, and focused on our grocery store budget. Those efforts saved us some money, but we still have room to improve.

  • Food Expenses: $585
  • Daily Average for March: $18.87

Gas Cost

Even with gasoline prices rising, we were still able to fill up the tank for $30 or less. However, the long stretches of driving led to more fill-ups. Compared to February, our gas expenses increased by more than 50%.

  • Total Gas Cost: $295
  • Daily Average for March: $9.52

Other Expenses

This “catch-all” category has been consistently small. Laundry, haircuts, allergy medicine, and parking were the culprits this month.

  • Total Other Cost: $114
  • Daily Average for March: $3.68

The Monthly Cost of RV Living

We’re satisfied with our March budget considering the amount of ground we covered. We’ll be in our hometown during the entire month of April, which means free camping and a few odd jobs to earn extra income. This makes us more forgiving toward our March expenses.

After we total up each category, you’ll notice an added line titled “Fixed Expenses”. That line represents the unchanging monthly expenses like internet, insurance, subscriptions, and bills.

  • Total March Expenses: $1299
  • Total Monthly Fixed Expenses: $400
  • The Total Cost of RV Living for March: $1699 ($54.81/day)


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  1. Excellent information on the break down of expenses. This is why we under the retirement age need to still work while living and traveling full time. We are lucky enough to have great jobs with health benefits, we can still travel with our motorhome, but need a base camp for our jobs….. 😀

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