Sweet Home Alabama – Visiting our Hometown After Six Months on the Road

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It’s been a long wonderful month of downtime with family and friends. We soaked up some sun and got a lot of work done as well. There were many hours spent restocking our Etsy shop, a little camper maintenance and even a few gigs to make some extra cash. We’ve been fitting in as much work and play as possible! It’s not hard to do with so many friends to catch up with and so many stories to share.

We spent the first few weeks in Fairhope reacquainting ourselves with the views along Mobile Bay, taking many afternoon strolls to watch the sunset stretch across the water.


We visited some of our old favorites and tried the new eats in town too. We sipped lattes at the Coffee Loft, had breakfast at the new Warehouse Bakery, ate beignets at Panini Pete’s and devoured a pound of crab claws at Big Daddy’s Grill. We checked off all the delicious comforts of home.

The other half of our time we spent enjoying quiet nights among Summerdale farmland, fishing on weeks bay and attending many crawfish boils with friends and family.


The charms of home have been a warm embrace, but the whole country is our home now and we are being called to reunite with the open road. We’ve been in a whirlwind of Alabama love, but summer draws near and we must say goodbye to our loved ones once again to continue our journey north.

Check out our YouTube video tour of Fairhope!

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  1. So happy to have you back for a few weeks. Of course I say this not only as a friend but employer! Olivia made a crazy Saturday so much easier and of course having Kyle play music a couple of weekends didn’t hurt business. Only wish we had more face to face time to talk about your travels, oh well. I do have a parting gift for Olivia so we must meet up once more. Thanks for showing me what lays await for Susan and me, I truly cannot wait to be a part of the community you guys have joined. Much love, BD

    1. Aw, thanks! We have enjoyed our time here and appreciate the support and friendship you continue to offer! We can swing by Big Daddy’s one day and pick up our gift and say our goodbyes! Can’t wait for you guys to join us!

  2. Evac’d out of Florida thanks to Irma. Spending some time in the very nice little town. Went to Big Daddy’s last night and the food was great, people friendly and a good time overall. Met Chris and Cherie also. Need to do more exploring of this part of the country. Irma is now gone and the weather could not be nicer.

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