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We were late to the YouTube party, but we’ve had a blast since arriving! The community is engaging, creative, and eager to share tips & ideas.

We’ve created a few “series” on our channel. One is “Places We’ve Camped”, it documents campgrounds, national parks, boondocking sites, and anywhere else we spend the night. The other series is “Exploring Places”. This records our time in cities, monuments, and other cool settings.

Here are a few videos of our explorations!

Exploring Austin, Texas

Exploring New Orleans, Louisiana

Exploring Tucson, Arizona

Exploring Big Bend National Park

Exploring Fairhope, Alabama

Exploring Helen, Georgia

Exploring Arivaca, Arizona

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  1. Nice! I like your quick snippets – fun to watch. We’ll be starting a new channel here within a couple months and looking for inspiration.

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