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Boondocking Jamieson Park – Poynette, Wisconson

Its never easy finding free camping on a holiday weekend. On Friday night we stayed at a Harvest Hosts location near Green Bay. It was a goat-milking farm with a pretty big production. Since we’re not really into camping on asphalt, surrounded by caged animals – we chose to take a risk and scope out the boondocking at Jamieson Park 70 miles away.

Here’s the breakdown:


Location: Poynette, WI

GPS: 43.384924, -89.42954

Price: Free – we didn’t see a stay limit posted. All of the campers seemed to be weekenders.

Date/Temp: July 2-3, the temps were in the low 80s during the day and dropped into the high 50s at night.

Amenities: Jamieson Park offered a covered pavilion, port-o-potties, a fresh water source, and multiple fire pits.


Noise: This park is spread out and has many different sections. We camped in the far back corner on the edge of the forest. This spot was very quite and secluded. Since it was Independence Day weekend, we did hear fireworks late into the evening both nights.

Wifi/Cell: Our AT&T service received 4 bars of 4G LTE and our T-Mobile hotspot received no service.

Grocery/Errands: The town of Poynette is two miles away and offers a few gas stations, a Piggly Wiggly, and some dinning options. We discovered a Bent & Dent grocery store 4 miles from camp and scored some major deals.


All this stuff for $23

Dog Friendly: The park is dog friendly and has large grassy fields for playing. We let River play on her line and she had more than enough space to roam.

Entertainment: Poynette doesn’t offer much for entertainment. The park has a few trails, but they’re overgrown and probably full of ticks. We drove into Madison to hike the waterfront and explore downtown.

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  1. FYI, Jamieson Park is no longer available for boondocking/camping. Thanks to the state passing new regulations for any place allowing camping, paid or free, the town had to decide to disallow camping. It would have been too expensive for them to meet the new regulations to keep the park open to camping.