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When Are You Coming Home – Fulltime RVing Q&A

This week our Q&A deals with one of the most common questions we hear. Friends, family, and strangers… they all want to know the answer. The question takes multiple forms, but the idea remains the same:

When are you coming home?


Depending who you are, or when you ask, the response has been ever changing. We’ll break it down into three sections and shine some light on our answer.

In The Beginning

During our year-long preparation for life on the road, we had a simple solution; tell everyone we’ll be gone for a year.

This made a few things clear; we’d be cutting ties with our current jobs and the lease on our house. It also helped us explain to our families that they might not see us for a year.

365 days felt like a goal we could attain as well. We didn’t want to set ourselves up for failure. Neither of us had ever camped before, so we felt that a year would be a fair amount of time to commit to the lifestyle to see if we’d even enjoy it.


Lifestyle vs Road Trip

Needless to say, the nomadic life resonated with our souls as we expected it would. The adventure of fulltime traveling keeps us inspired and encourages us to be present everyday.

When we hear people ask us about our “trip”, or worse still “vacation”, it makes us cringe. Living on the road is a lifestyle – its freedom from consumerism and connection to nature. Our original “one year” answer sort of backfired, as we’ve realized one year is much too short for all the experiences we desire.

We don’t plan to live in a 16’ TT for the rest of our lives, but we do hope to grow and evolve organically, remaining aligned with our intentions.


Actually Coming Home

After six months on the road we stopped by our hometown to see our friends & family. It had some definite pros and cons.

We camped in the yards of family members which gave us some unique experiences. We were able to slow down, be free of “work”, and connect with our family. We ate many meals together, went white-water rafting, and didn’t feel burdened with a schedule.

On the other hand, we realized that we were back in a world of expectations. Our parents, siblings, friends, and neighbors all had individual expectations of us. It made us feel like we were being stretched thin.

This wasn’t rooted in negativity, it was just a stark contrast to life on the road – where days go by without anyone expecting anything from us.


The Answer

We’re already home. This 16-foot, 1985 Fiber Stream is our beloved abode. It’s our portable nook where all three of us can grow, learn, and experience life.

Thanks for reading our blog. Help support our mission – to live freely and deliberately – by checking out our Etsy store or shopping Amazon through our link.



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  1. Jack says:

    It’s not really camping its life! It’s not really a vacation it’s living!
    It’s not really camping it’s our life! It’s not really a vacation it’s us living! This is a little saying I made it up some people ask me this is what I tell them!

  2. TheRVgeeks says:

    Too funny! We did virtually the identical thing when we hit the road… 13 years ago! 😉 We told our friends and families (and, to a certain extent, ourselves) that we were heading out for a 2 year “trip”… with the implication being that we would “return home” at the end. Needless to say, that didn’t happen. And it probably took us 10 years to break some people’s habit of asking if we were coming “home” for (__fill-in-the-blank-holiday__). Still not sure that they get the fact that we’re ALWAYS home if we’re in the RV, but Rome wasn’t built in a day! LOL!

  3. Shawn Hall says:

    I have been following you guys for a while. It looks like you are really hitting your stride. I love the content of this video. You did an excellent job of explaining the way we live and what this wonderful lifestyle is all about. All the best in your future travels.

  4. Thanks so much! Happy trails!

  5. Cathy Walker says:

    I’m so glad I found you guys on Facebook. My husband and I plan on leaving in June/July next year and I’m starting to plan our trip. We’ve raised our kids and it’s time for us to live our life. One of our daughters keeps trying to make me feel guilty and in a way I do. We have a one year old grandson and I know we will miss him greatly so really that’s my biggest fear. I’ve had 2 back surgeries and I hurt severely because of the weather we have in Tennessee. I’m hoping I’ll feel better in a dryer climate. I don’t think the kids understand exactly what my body feels like. I’m 40 and feel like I’m 80. I’ve got a lot of living left to do. Regarding your etsy shop how do you deal with returns, if any, with you being all over the place?

  6. Hey Cathy! Hopefully we’ll see you on the road. As far as the guilt goes, that’s always a bummer, but we can relate to it in our own ways and we just have to let it go as much as we can.

    Etsy returns don’t happen often. When they do, we just get them sent to one of our parents house, and we’ll pick it up in 6 months or a year, or whenever we visit! 🙂