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WiFi Ranger Product Review – Boosting a Wifi Signal

We installed our WiFiRanger just over a month ago – but until now, haven’t had a great opportunity to test it. This week we landed at a beautiful lavender farm in Sequin, Washington and realized the farm’s shop offers free wifi.

From our campsite we can’t reach the free wifi network, but with the flip of a switch, our WiFiRanger can receive and re-broadcast the signal inside our camper!

Here’s the Breakdown


Product: WifiRanger Sky2 Wifi Booster

Price: $360

Function: The WifiRanger amplifies wifi signals and re-broadcasts the amplified signal inside your RV or vehicle. This is particularly helpful when camping close to free wifi provided by businesses or residences.

Installation: The WifiRanger Sky 2 box can be easy secured to your RVs roof. We used velcro & duct tape (not so classy), but you can also screw it into your roof. 

From the rooftop antenna, an ethernet cord must be run into the interior of your RV. We used the same entry point as our solar panel wires and cell booster cord. Once inside, the cord is then connected to the interior WifiRanger box.


Performance: We have the smallest WiFiRanger antenna – it can reach a half-mile radius. The larger antennas can reach as far as two miles. We aren’t camped around free wifi as often as some of our fellows RVers, but we’ve successfully used the WiFiRanger at walmart, while driveway surfing, and currently at a lavender farm.

Recommended For: This booster would be ideal for those who often camp at RV Parks or big box stores. Free wifi is amazing, and the $360 cost could really save money if you do this type of camping.

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 9.37.17 AM.png

Our Personal Experience: Over a one month period, the WiFiRanger provided an awesome function for two days. We think as our travels brings us closer to urban environments, the booster will be more helpful. But, the two days of service it’s provided us has been priceless – giving us strong & free internet when we would’ve had none before.

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  1. Coastal says:

    Correct Spelling of. Sequim Wa. Love to see your wifi ranger. I live here if you need any local info

  2. irene says:

    Are you still using this? How is the response time? Have you Ookla’d your speed? Most free wifi is notably slow because of low speed and congestion. The Ranger won’t help this. What have you found?