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Rain Forest Resort Village on Lake Quinault, Washington

As we wrapped up our exploration of the Olympic Peninsula we set up camp at Rain Forest Resort Village on Lake Quinault. The location was perfect for hiking and relaxing. The weather was beautiful and the amenities made us feel right at home.

Here’s the Breakdown:


Location: South Shore of Lake Quinault, Washington

GPS47.4755, -123.8314

Date / Temp: We spent four nights in mid-September at the Rain Forest Resort Village; two days were sunny, and two were overcast. The temperatures were mild with highs in the mid 70s and lows in the 50s.


Amenities: Our site felt spacious and had water & electric hookups. There is a bathhouse with toilets & showers and centrally located trash receptacles. The resort also offers a general store, restaurant & bar, laundry room, and post office. This made it super convenient to operate our Etsy shop without driving into town.

Wifi / Cell: We received no cell service at our campsite with AT&T or T-Mobile. Our WiFiRanger was able to pickup a free wifi signal from the office which was fast enough for streaming music and movies.


The World’s Largest Spruce Tress

Noise: The Rain Forest Resort Village is as peaceful as they come! The waterfront sites were quiet and soothing. At about 40% occupancy, we never had direct neighbors.

Grocery / Errands: Having a Post Office onsite was very convenient. The general store has enough essentials to find an item you may have forgotten to bring, but a quality grocery store was hard to find.

Dog Friendly: The resort is definitely dog-friendly. All the trails connecting to the campground allow dogs and there’s a lot of grassy space right in the campground. Every dog we saw was leashed and well behaved.


Entertainment: Hiking was our main source of entertainment at Rain Forest Resort Village. The campground connects to multiple National Forest hiking trails that lead to beautiful waterfalls. The worlds largest Spruce tree is also located on site. It was a fun “roadside attraction” to see!

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