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Monthly Expense Report – Fulltime RV Living – September 2016

September was a doozy! Our food expenses were way too high, gas prices shot up, and a new set of tires really set us back. But, we did manage to have a few fiscal successes.

Thanks to our Etsy shop, YouTube channel and Amazon Affiliate account – we were able to generate new income.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 9.39.50 AM.png

Here’s an example of what we sell on Etsy!

Here’s the breakdown:



We camped at 9 sites during the month of August – starting at Quincy Lake, Washington and ending at Rockaway Beach, Oregon. We dry camped for 5 nights, had partial hookups for 17 nights, and lived in luxury with full hookups for 8 nights. Using Boondockers Welcome & Harvest Hosts helped us find lots of free camping.

We paid a total of $0 for camping. When we weren’t boondocking, we traded our services (marketing & design) to camp for free in RV parks.

  • Monthly Expenses: $0
  • Daily Average: $0


Food / Household Goods

In the previous expense reports we forgot to clarify that this section includes more than food. We lump all of our grocery expenses into this category. So, it also includes medicine, household goods, dog food & supplies, and vitamins.

During September we went out to eat WAY TOO MUCH! Camping in larger cities makes us want to try all the amazing dining options.

  • Monthly Expenses: $671
  • Daily Average: $22.37



We slowed our roll during September, but the average price per gallon rose by at least 20 cents. Our gas expenses we up $25 dollars month over month.

  • Monthly Expenses: $358
  • Daily Average: $11.93



To err on the side of caution, we bought a new set of tires during September. Our old pair treated us well, but had over 60,000 miles on them. We bought the new set in Sequim, Washington; there were many dealers in town, so we hunted for the best price.

Discount Tire had the most tread for the lowest price. We spent $590 out the door.

  • Monthly Expenses: $590
  • Daily Average: $19.67


“Other” Expenses

Month over month we did really well, spend $150 less. Buying things like propane, post cards and hiking passes kept the “other” category just under $100.

  • Monthly Expenses: $99
  • Daily Average: $3.30

Fixed Expenses

These are our unchanging expenses that include insurance, a student loan, subscription services, and cell service. 

  • Monthly Expenses: $400
  • Daily Average: $12.90

Total Monthly Expenses

If we subtract the $590 spent on tires, our monthly expenses were $10 less than last month; so, that’s encouraging. But, seriously, we need to reign in the food expenses to under $500.

  • August Expenses: $2118
  • Daily Average: $70.60

Thanks for reading our blog. Help support our mission – to live freely and deliberately – by checking out our Etsy store or shopping Amazon through our link.



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  1. On The Road says:

    Oregon and tax free bliss was so close…why not pick up tires in a tax free state?

    Check out the Pentagon Federal Cash rewards CC. 5% cash back on all fuel purchases as long as you pay at the pump. No limits either.

  2. Hélène says:

    Seems like i paid tax on my used car purchase back in 2003

  3. Shannon LaBudde says:

    Great easy recipe if you are trying to stay in a budget…..One can black beans, One can corn drained, One can Rotel drained, mix and simmer over low heat for about 30 minutes. Sometimes we add rice to make it go further. Can also top with cheese. Serve with Tortilla chips. Makes 2 day’s worth of meals. You may already have something similar you do, but you can beat the ease and expense! Enjoy!

  4. We didn’t do good research, I suppose! Thanks for the suggestions!

  5. Maintenance and food end up the winners every time, that is if there is anything left for food after maintenance.

  6. Isn’t that the truth!