Q&A – Winter Travel Plans

This week’s Q&A has us dreaming about warm & dry days. We had multiple YouTube viewers ask us the same question, and being that we’re currently damp in the PNW, it seemed like a fun one to answer!

Where are you spending the cooler, winter months?

Watch the Video!


Some of the guiding lights for our winter travels are big landmarks. We have a few more National Parks to check off our list; including the Redwoods & Yosemite. We also want to see some big cities like San Fransisco and San Diego.

Family & Friends

We have family to visit in Sacramento & LA. Last year we were grateful to spend Thanksgiving with our California family and this year we might be so lucky again.

We’re also looking forward to hanging out with friends in Quartzsite this winter. While the town is minimal at best, the community of fulltimers there is awesome!


Re-Visiting Places

There are many cities & sights we visited last winter that we’d love to see again. Spending more than one day in Joshua Tree is high on the list. Southern Arizona is full of towns we’ll hopefully re-visit, too; Arivaca, Patagonia, Tucson, and Bisbee are just a few!


Suggestions & Meet-ups

If you know of any great places to visit within this area, please let us know! We also really enjoy meeting our community members and making new friends – so if you’re near us, give us a shout!

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9 thoughts on “Q&A – Winter Travel Plans

  1. Donald Tracy

    Out here in Tecopa having a good time. Hope you find your way back here to visit. I have two new sights to show you that you didn’t see the last time.


  2. Caroline Breslin

    Hi guys, we really enjoy your videos & blog. Great info you’re sharing!! I found you on Campendium (we’re BZB Breslins), and subscribed to your YouTube channel a few months back. We’re living in Old Bisbee, so if you come back this winter & would like to know some awesome hikes above & around Bisbee or through the Zacatecus canyon, I can e-mail you on how to contact us.

    Safe travels!
    Caroline & Paul Breslin


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