Q&A – Multiple Streams of Income for Fulltime RV Life

By Kyle & Olivia Brady | Founders of Drivin' & Vibin' | We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

Let us begin with this disclaimer:

We just celebrated our first year of fulltime RVing, so we’re still newbies in the grand scheme of things. Also, with the exception of Etsy, we’re in the very beginning stages of creating multiple sources of income.

To those of you with tons of experience, this article may be redundant. However, if you’re newly exploring the potential of online income, we hope you find this article inspiring!

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Here is a pie chart of our income for the month of September. In this article we’ll breakdown these three income streams and discuss their value and growth potential.



When we began fulltime life on the road, our Etsy shop was our sole source of income. During those first three months (Oct – Dec), our shop was doing great – bringing in at least $2000/month. Unfortunately, we later realized this was directly correlated to the holiday shopping season; and, not reflective of the norm.

As Etsy sales dropped at the beginning of 2016, we knew we needed to revise our financial game-plan. Our first efforts were to reinvigorate our Etsy shop with increased inventory. This bumped up our monthly average, but not back to the $2000 we hoped for.

This is the type of merchandise we sell in our Etsy shop!

Amazon Affiliate Links

Becoming an Amazon Affiliate was our first effort in creating new revenue. Since we already had a blog with decent traffic, it made sense to use this as a platform to link products through Amazon.

For those of you wondering how being an Amazon Affiliate works for us; basically, we send traffic to Amazon from our blog and earn a small percentage of the overall sale. The service adds no additional cost to the Amazon purchaser.

During the first few months of this new venture we were making between $10 and $20. But, as we became more knowledgeable about placing the links, and as our community found out it was a way they could contribute, our Amazon Affiliate revenue has grown substantially.


With the push from some fellow YouTuber friends, we created our first YouTube video in January of 2016 (and, yes, its embarrassing to watch now). This venture didn’t really begin with the goal to make new revenue; but we did know it was possible. However, we were misguided in thinking that we had to have a million subscribers for it to be lucrative.

The most inspiring thing about YouTube is that community is king. Our channel is relatively small, but we’ve been able to create income from it because our community is so strong. YouTube has also been the doorway into working with great companies and independent campgrounds; and best of all, we’ve met some amazing people through this experience.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 6.44.24 AM.png


Our 6-month goal is to be able to save money again. We aim to do this by increasing our YouTube & Amazon income and maintaining our Etsy income at $1600/month.

With this vision, our Etsy shop will be 50% of our total revenue; our overall revenue will be between $2200-3200/month.

UPDATE: We’ve begun work on a new music project! In April we’ll enter the recording studio to capture an album inspired by life on the road. If you’ve found our blogs informative or inspirational, please give this a look. We need your help to complete the album.

LINK: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1231395569/drivin-and-vibin-songs-from-the-road-full-length-a?ref=er04tp

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  1. I would like to know more I am trying to get on my feet and am on a very limited social security wish to get camper and travel I have glaucoma I want to see. Things before I can’t. Can I give me advise for income

    1. There are lots of work camping options with Camp Host positions (checking people in and making sure everyones happy) and usually they offer you an RV site with full-hook ups and a hourly wage also.

  2. Thanks for sharing how you manage to maintain an income while living this amazing nomadic life! Seeing that it is in fact obtainable gives me hope that I can do the same within a year. I do have a question for you, about how much in savings did you have before embarking on this journey? Also somewhat off topic, did you have to renovate much on the fiberstream?

    1. The Fiber Stream was in good shape, but we did do quite a bit of modifications to suit our needs. We were aiming for about $8,000 in savings and ended up almost doubling that and leaving with about $13,000 in savings. This helped us get by before we developed our other revenue streams.

  3. Hello! I have a question about mailing addresses. I think when you sign up for Amazon Affiliates it requires you to enter an address, what do you do in situations like this? Do you have a friend or family member that handles that for you or do you pay for some sort of virtual PO box?

  4. Love your blog. What I am really wondering is how you manage to run your etsy shop, store inventory & ship items all while traveling. Please share sometime as maybe others are interested, too. Thank you!

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