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This week our “Five for Friday” list is all about the things we miss about living in a house. While the list isn’t very long, missing these things have made an impact on us.

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Family and Friends

We used to live really close to all of our family and friends and could visit anytime we want. We would have bonfires at our cabin, dinner with family or game nights with our friends. We try to stay in touch on the phone, but we miss being able to spend time together. It’s especially hard during the Holidays, but we open presents together over FaceTime and easily send wrapped gifts with the help of Amazon.

We also have more opportunities to spend time with family members across the country and have spent two wonderful Thanksgivings in southern California with Kyle’s cousins. Over the past year and a half, we’ve also created an RVing family. It’s so great to have that support system and connection on the road, but we still get homesick from time to time.

Real Plumbing

We really used to take long hot showers for granted and the ability to have hot water at the turn of a faucet. These days we’re very aware, at all times, of conserving water and propane. If we want hot water, we have to plan ahead for that hot shower and make it quick, and you can forget about washing dishes with hot water! This isn’t an issue for all RVers, especially for ones with bigger holding tanks or ones who stay in campgrounds often, but for our tiny set up its usually more hassle than its worth.

We’re happy that we’re far more mindful of what were using and consuming than we used to be, but we like to reminisce about the days of unlimited hot water and non-composting toilets.

Unlimited Internet Connection

One of the biggest struggles about life on the road is maintaining a good internet connection and not exceeding data caps. We’re constantly moving around and can’t always count on a strong signal in each location, though its something we try to keep in mind when choosing a new campsite. When we lived in a house, we surfed the web and streamed Netflix with no limitations.  We’ve learned some things since we first started out and have invested in quality equipment, like a cell booster, to create a much more reliable connection while traveling.

Even though we have the gear to make it happen, we still have to look at data coverage maps of the areas we’re going to be in to ensure there’s a signal to boost; Sometimes the maps aren’t accurate, weather can interfere and towers in high tourist areas are bogged down. Thankfully, its not often that we run into these situations.

Knowing Where Everything Is

When you know the lay of the land, its easy to run out and grab groceries, a part you need for a project or to stop by your favorite pizza joint. When traveling, we never know where anything is and we have to do research to find everything. We don’t always know what  to expect when we get there and can either be pleasantly surprised or disappointed. This can be half the fun when exploring a new place, but when it comes to mundane errands it can be frustrating to end up at an abandoned building when your looking for the post office.

However, after just a few days in an area we have a much better idea of where we’re going. Unfortunately, by the time we know where everything is, its about time to hit the road again. This is can be better or worse depending on the pace we’re moving at and sometimes if we really like a place, we will stay an extra week or two.

Our Kitchen Sink

This may be weird, but I really miss our old sink. In our cabin we had this huge vintage cast iron sink in our kitchen. It was great for washing my stock pots and bulky pans. The sink in our camper however, is extremely shallow and makes it very difficult to wash even plates. On the plus side, we cant let the dishes pile up and wash them promptly after using. I can’t say we did the same when we had a huge sink to fill up. We plan on eventually replacing the one in our travel trailer and getting a taller faucet too. Hopefully we can find a sink in the dimensions we need!

No Regrets

Overall, these things won’t stop us from traveling and following our passion. We’ve never regretted making the decision to pursue this lifestyle. When we have a problem, we find a solution and theres nothing that makes us happier than the freedom and wonder we experience every day on the road. We hope to enjoy this lifestyle for years to come, cold showers and all.

UPDATE: We’ve begun work on a new music project! In April we’ll enter the recording studio to capture an album inspired by life on the road. If you’ve found our blogs informative or inspirational, please give this a look. We need your help to complete the album.


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  1. I had a crappy experience today trying to find a laundromat for a single load of towels in a small town in southern AZ so I understand that struggle! I already enjoy following y’alls adventures online after just starting the full-time RV life.

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