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Lessons Learned about RV Living Full Time

Lessons Learned about RV Living Full Time

Learning lessons and RV Living go hand in hand. As we approach our 2-year Nomadiversary, it seems appropriate to reflect on some of the biggest lessons we’ve learned on the road.

These lessons are focused on “how to enjoy RV travel” more than the mechanical side of RV living.

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1.  Slow Down

This was the hardest lesson for us to learn, but also the most rewarding. A common mistake for newbie RVers is to travel too quickly. There’s so much to see – and racing from place to place is the only way to do it… or so it seems.

Once we learned to settle down and stay at each location for a week or so, our days became more enjoyable. We were able to get to know an area and explore the local parts of each community – not just the tourist attractions.


We also began traveling shorter distances between each stop. Driving a big rig or towing a trailer can be pretty stressful. Once we cut down the miles on travel days, we found our moods to be more relaxed and less “on edge”.

2. Boondocking Makes Us Happy

Boondocking, although intimidating at first, is the most amazing way to connect with the surrounding environment. And, connecting with the environment is medicine for the soul!

It took us almost a year of RV Life to become comfortable with boondocking. Thanks to Campendium and FreeCampsites, we learned how to research and find the best, and safest, boondocking sites around.


We encourage everyone to, at least, try boondocking once or twice. There are many sites with close proximity to towns – so, you don’t have to actually be out in the boonies to give it a go.

Boondocking is one of the keys to a happy RV life for us!

3. Roll With It

Just like any other aspect of life, we never have complete control over a situation. Over our 2 years of traveling, we’ve learned how to let go of our expectations and “roll with it.” Breaking down happens, weather happens, and like they say, shit happens. We just have to realize that any unfortunate event is a learning experience.


4. Community is Important

We dove into RV life without any knowledge of “RV Community.” Our first six months on the road were completely void of making friends or evening knowing how to make friends on the road.

Thanks to Xscapers, we realized there are many people like us living the same lifestyle. Their community of “Working Age RVers” introduced us to some of the best friends we have.

Social Media is another way we’ve learned to make friends while RVing. These “digital friendships” often materialize into “in person” friendships.

5. Staying Healthy & Active

It was easy for health to take a back seat when we were traveling quickly and covering many miles each week. Gas Station snacks and eating out became daily habits.

Once we slowed down our travels, we began to cook our meals and enjoy hiking. Doing daily physical activities is one way we maintain a good mood. It’s also important that our pup is getting the daily activity she needs.

If we’re all active – we’re all happy. That’s a big lesson learned.

6. Free Activities

Each town we visit offers so many free activities. This is something we didn’t really know upon starting the RV adventure. Like we said earlier, in the beginning we jumped from tourist spot to tourist spot, paying a premium for activities. Slowing down our travels helped us discover free activities and allowed us to get to know local areas more in depth.

We’ve stumble upon car shows, farmers markets, outdoor concerts and more, simply by walking around the town we’re in. Hiking is another free activity we like to seek out. We never know what to expect, and that’s half the fun!

Thanks for reading our blog! Our mission is to live minimally & deliberately as we explore the earth and it’s many communities. Help support our mission by shopping through our Amazon Link, visiting our Etsy shop, or better still, listening to our new album!

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Lessons Learned about RV Living Full Time — Drivin’ & Vibin’ – jsvrvjourneys

Friday 10th of November 2017

[…] via Lessons Learned about RV Living Full Time — Drivin’ & Vibin’ […]


Tuesday 26th of September 2017

I never considered #5. Gas station snacks probably do become a problem. Thanks for this list!


Thursday 31st of August 2017

I would add "Less is More". Living with less, but experiencing more.


Monday 21st of August 2017

Indeed, shit does happen. Good read. Thanks!

Karen Marlar

Thursday 3rd of August 2017

Saw your tag on your TT was Alabama! We live in Birmingham and plan to retire next year, sell everything and hit the road! What kind of trailer is that? We have a Casita now, but will sell and buy something else (probably Arctic Fox). We plan to use Alabama has our domain, but have several questions for you. We will use my parents Alabama address, but would like to use a mail service. Can we do that? And if so which one is best? Also, if we register out TT in Alabama we only have 20 days to get back here (without penalty) to get it registered. We plan on picking up our TT on Oregon and stay in the northwest for awhile. How did you cope with this or maybe you didn't have to. Sorry for this long post....we have so many logistic questions about going full time. Karen M

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