RV Fears : Answering Your Questions

Full Time RV Life is a big jump from the normal sticks & bricks. We took a year to prepare for the transition, and still weren’t totally ready to take the leap once our departure day arrived.

Many people ask us for advice in regards to their own transition, and more acutely, the fear that surrounds this change in lifestyle.

Today we’ll share a recent response to a message we received on this topic. The general question was:

“I have my reservations on taking off and traveling. Mostly I worry about breaking down & all the bad people in the world. What advice could you give on this subject and cold feet?”

The best advice we can give is get some good roadside assistance, use some common sense practices and get out there and experience it for yourself. In our travels we’ve found people are mostly good, very willing to lend a helping hand and just out enjoying their weekend camping or are full timers too.

We had a neighbor recently who chased down a car because he thought they might have stolen our generator while we were in town. We had actually stuck it in the back of our truck and taken it with us as we always do, but it was still nice that he was looking out for us even though we hadn’t even met yet.

RVers tend to keep an eye out for one another and like to get to know their neighbors, whether it’s at an RV park or out in the boonies.

As for breaking down, we’ve had a few minor issues and only had to call roadside assistance once. They got there within 30 minutes and towed our truck to the repair shop.

When shopping for a rig we didn’t want to get a drivable RV because with our price range meant it would be pretty old and we didn’t want to sign up for possible engine problems in the future. We had a truck in good working order and set out to find a travel trailer within our tow limit.

We know too many people who bought 90’s class A RVs that have been a constant money pit. If it has an engine the newer the better, but still come with more mechanical repairs.

We’ve found many of our fears quickly dissipated once we got the hang of this lifestyle. There’s definitely a learning curve, but you gain so much confidence as you go.

There’s also a huge RVing community out here willing to offer advice and support, not to mention all the convergences and meet-ups! We’ve met a lot of good friends through Escapees/Xscapers group, but there are so many more out there for whatever you’re in to!

Thanks for reading our blog! Our mission is to live minimally & deliberately as we explore the earth and it’s many communities. Help support our mission by shopping through our Amazon Link, visiting our Etsy shop, or better still, listening to our new album!

If you’re interested in viewing all the free campsites we visit, click here!


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3 thoughts on “RV Fears : Answering Your Questions

  1. Heather

    I had an aunt that used to say that campers are the most trustworthy people in the world as they didn’t have room to take your gear too! There is merit to that statement as I camped in a tent for years before we got the rv and you can’t lock a tent. Love your videos!


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