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Dirty Hand Tools 2000w Inverter Generator Review

Since we hit the road two years ago we’ve run across hundreds of generators. And we quickly learned, not all generators are created equally.

Inverter generators are the gold standard. Unlike their noisy construction-site generator cousins, inverter generators hum quietly and efficiently. The only problem is the price. We’ve seen them cost, on average, $600-$1100. Until now….

We recently stumbled upon the Dirty Hand Tools 2000w inverter generator. To our surprise, the unit only cost $450 on Amazon. The Colorado-based company was kind enough to send us a generator to test for ourselves and see how it stacks up to our current Honda 2000.

Here’s the Breakdown:


Generator Specs: The Dirty Hand Tools 2000w generator creates a peak wattage of 2000 and a continuous wattage of 1700. Weighing in at 41 pounds, it is noticeably lighter than other generators we’ve used. The company states that at a 50% load, the genny will run for 7 hours – this is consistent with our experience.

Power Receptacles: The generator has 2 grounded 120 AC outlets, a 12v outlet and a USB port. The 2000w unit doesn’t have a 30 amp connection. We used a three prong 120AC converter to connect to the generator. DHT does make a 3000w unit that includes a 30amp connection.

Our Experience: We were very satisfied with the quietness of this generator. It seems to be equally quiet as our Honda 2000. We really like that all the plastic walls are easy to remove to give full access to the engine – this is unlike other generators we’ve used. Also, the unit has a primer button to ensure start-up with the first crank.

Overall, we think at $450, this is a great value. We’ll continue using it to see how it holds up over time. But, upon first impression, the generator looks like it was crafted with care and runs smoothly as well.

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