HOLIDAY SALE: $10 Signed CDs of our new record Among The Giants

Merry Christmas Vibe Tribe! In celebration of the season and an amazing year, we decided to discount the few remaining CDs of Among The Giants (our new album released May 2017).

The signed copies usually sell for $20, but until the new year we’ll be selling them for just 10 bucks – and that INCLUDES shipping!

If you want to order a signed album directly from us, here are the directions: 1) Sign onto PayPal. 2) Send $10 to 3) Remember to include your address. 4) And, a few days later, enjoy our vibin’ tunes!

Here’s a video about our album:

Thanks for reading our blog! Our mission is to live minimally & deliberately as we explore the earth and it’s many communities. Help support our mission by shopping through our Amazon Link, visiting our Etsy shop, or better still, listening to our new album!

Screen Shot 2017-07-21 at 3.41.13 PM



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