How to Create a Successful RV YouTube Channel?

By Kyle & Olivia Brady | Founders of Drivin' & Vibin' | We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

Taking the leap into RV Life is a BIG challenge. Starting your YouTube channel to share this amazing experience is no less of a challenge…but fear not! We’re here to encourage you to begin creating video content 👊🏻😍 we’ll also share exclusive knowledge we’ve learned along the way to help you optimize your new YouTube channel and set you up for success.

Without further ado – let’s get to the basics.

Naming Your Channel

This may seem like a no brainer, but the repercussions of your name will be with you for a long time! Our name, Drivin’ & Vibin’, describes our “vibe” well and rolls off the tongue easily. It doesn’t, however, make our channel show up in broad search results.

Using the names like “Carolyn’s RV Life” and “Cheap RV Living” set up channels for quick success in gaining exposure through search results. When using the search bar in YouTube to find an “RV Life” video, not only will the popular videos show up, but also links directly to these channels. This can be a huge advantage in gaining subscribers quickly.

The flip side: its harder to build a unique brand with a generic, yet searchable name.

If you’re super thoughtful, you can create a unique name using one searchable term and one unique word. This combo can set you up for great success with both building a brand and gaining subscribers.

Creative Names Example: Gone With The Wynns, Technomadia, Keep Your Daydream

Generic Names Example: Carolyn’s RV Life, Road Gear Reviews, All About RV’S

Creative Names with a Searchable Word: RV Geeks, Nomadic Fanatic, The Motorhome Experiment

Creating a Logo

A logo is important for building your brand and allowing viewers to identify your channel with ease. In my opinion, it’s pointless to use words in your YouTube logo. The circle in which it’s displayed is so tiny, that the words rarely serve a purpose.

Gone With The Wynn’s have one of the most distinctive logos in the nomad world. It gives a sense of travel and uses the letter “W” for name allusion.


We chose to use an illustrated logo as well. Hiring a designer from Fiverr, the logo literally cost $10. And, since options are important to us, we spent a total of $100 hiring different designers for multiple logos.


Another option is just using your face instead of a logo! This is a very common practice among YouTubers of all sizes. The photo’s strength is the “personal vibe” is emits.

If you do decide to use a picture of your face as the logo, then you’ll definitely save money. However, you may miss out on an opportunity to make your brand more noticeable. That’s another reason we recommend Fiverr – the investment is pretty low!

Use What You Have

Smart phones can record great videos! Don’t feel pressured to invest a month’s salary on all the best camera & sounds gear. We recorded our first 200 videos with an iPhone 4.

When we upgraded to the Canon G7X, our audience noticed the difference and we did grow faster. In hindsight, we should’ve made the upgrade sooner – like after the 100th video. But, I’ll also admit, a better camera wouldn’t have made a difference in the very beginning because we had to learn how to feel comfortable in front of the camera first!

Think About Your Direction

What type of RV Life YouTube channel do you want to have? If you create content with a clear vision, then your audience will more likely convert to subscriber and fans.

There are two main types of videos in the RV world; evergreen & vlog.


Evergreen content is pretty self explanatory – its stays fresh for a long time. Here are some examples of evergreen content: Lists, How To’s, The Cost of…, Gear Reviews.

These type of videos usually preform better than vlog style videos because they’re highly searchable.

Vlog Style

A vlog style video has a personal feel and usually takes the viewer along to experience the day with the “host”. These videos aren’t as searchable – but, they do build great relationships between the creator and the community.

Vlogs usually have higher energy and excitement than evergreen videos.

Vlog + Evergreen Hybrid

These hybrid videos have the energy and film style of a vlog – and the searchable content of an evergreen video. An example is; Top Ten Things to do in Los Angeles. Instead of filming the video in a “talking heads” format, the creator could take the viewer across LA and actually film themselves doing the top ten things.

Getaway Couple recently published a “10 RV Mistakes Video” that is a great example of a vlog/evergreen hybrid. Watch it below!

Be Consistent 

New YouTube channels have to publish content with hardcore consistency. This means three videos a week for three months…with no breaks! There are lots of RV channels out there; if you want to compete as a small channel, then you have to start strong.

I’d be so bold to say that if you know three videos a week for three months is too much work, then don’t take the leap quite yet.

It’s much like working out at the gym – results won’t come if you’re not consistent. But, if you do have the determination, within a few months you’ll begin to see good results.

After the three videos a week for three months, you can re-evaluate your course of action and adjust your path to the lessons you learned during that stretch.

Tube Buddy

Tube Buddy is a “plugin” for YouTube that helps with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), reminders to increase viewership, and thumbnail creation. We’ve been using it for almost two years. At $15 a month, it’s a welcomed expense.

Create A Blog

YouTube should only be part of the vision. Your brand should span multiple social media channels and your personal website. Like this article your reading, writing companion articles for your videos is a great way to boost traffic and influence!

Your potential followers are all unique and they like to consume their content in different ways. Having video & text gives you a big head start when it comes to growing your reach.

Your blog will also help increase your affiliate sales. We’ve found a much higher click rate on our website than on YouTube. In fact, if you need to buy something on Amazon, click here and give us a little love!

Just Do It

Finally and most importantly – take these tips and just do it. Get that camera rolling and tell your story to the RV community!

Our favorite part of this YouTube ride is the amazing community we found online.

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  1. Thank you so much for the great info and all your hard work ! I definitely appreciate it along with many others 🙂

  2. What is the best site to use to create a blog…so far we have followed your steps to create a good name for ourselves. We have also set up a fb page..once we have a blog we will set up a YouTube channel….we have a 78 argosy minuet…will be ready to go full time August 3rd!

    1. We only have experience with WordPress and have been happy with it so far. It makes it pretty easy to set up, with little to no experience.

  3. finally took the time to see this & appreciate the tips –
    now to get going – and make it happen
    thank you for all your ideas and positive energy

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