The Single Biggest Challenge in RV Life

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The single biggest challenge in RV Life is unique to every person, but there are some common themes! We’re on a quest to discover these challenges, organize the results and create specific content to help overcome these hurdles.

The recent Vibe Tribe collaborations have inspired us to tap into the collective knowledge of the community to help us all overcome these RV challenges.

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We’ve found a few common challenges the RV community experiences. Let us know if the challenges below are big issues for you, too – or if they’re easy to deal with.


Cellular internet connection is a huge component of RV living. Having reliable access allows us to connect with family, have a safety line in case of emergency, and stream endless videos!

BUT, what cost are you willing to pay for connectivity? Do you have multiple carriers? Do you take advantage of free wifi from public businesses?

We use Mobile Internet Resource as our main stop to find the most recent info on cellular plans and boosting devices.


The fear of missing the company of family and friends is another challenge for RVers. This is more of a state of mind issue. You can use tools like Skype to have video calls and you can send postcards from the places you travel. BUT, to be nomadic is to be gone from your previous home.

For us, the important thing is to respect your gut and find balance. If you have a desire to travel, then you should. You should also visit your family if you want to do that. Tapping into your desires – detached from emotions – is important. Yes, it can be sad to say “until next time.” But, don’t breed contempt by not following your own passions.


Automotive failure is never fun – not in sticks & bricks life and not in RV life. We’ve had engine issues in small desert towns, mountain towns and our hometown. The best way we found to make these issues manageable is by having a “break down fund” and by keeping a constant eye on our trucks maintenance.

Is this one of your biggest challenges? 


Is your single biggest challenge one of the three we mentioned above? Do you have a more unique challenge? Share your experience!

Here are some of the responses we’ve received already:

Planning a route and finding places to stay. Too many options and we’re still figuring out our boondocking limits.
Buying the RV to start the life.
Vehicle failure. Nobody likes that.
what compels you to be nomadic

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  1. I enjoyed reading your 10 things to consider before becoming a full time RVer. Very interesting information. We are considering it and could use all iformation we can find.

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