Road Tunes: Mark Knopfler’s Down The Road Wherever

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Mark Knopfler’s Down The Road Wherever
Mark Knopfler’s Down The Road Wherever

We love great music for the road – that’s why we’re super excited for Mark Knopfler’s Down The Road Wherever. This marks the 9th solo album from the former Dire Straits frontman.

Geography and travel have always been a part of Knopfler’s songwriting and it remains that way in his new collection.

Knopfler even reflects upon the album’s collaboration process in travel terms:

I think the business of making a record, from having written a song and then bringing it to musicians, it can be quite a bendy route,’ notes Knopfler. ‘It’s not just motorways all the way…and you can end up in the occasional cul-de-sac, then you have to do a 16-point turn to try to get your truck back out on the main road as unobtrusively as you can. That’s part of the fun of it.’

Before we dive deeper into Knopfler’s new album, let’s remember a few of his most epic wanderlust-inspired lines.

In his classic duet with James Taylor, “Sailing To Philadelphia” tells a rustic tail of worlds-colliding in American history.

Now hold your head up, Mason / See America lies there / The morning tide has raised / The capes of Delaware / Come up and feel the sun / A new morning has begun / Another day will make it clear / Why your stars should guide us here

My personal favorite, Brothers In Arms by Dire Straits, has Knopfler singing of “misty covered mountains” and the moon riding high. But, it’s the track’s esoteric lines that resonate the most:

There’s so many different worlds
So many different suns
And we have just one world
But we live in different ones

Details & First Listen to Mark Knopfler’s Down The Road Wherever

Mark Knopfler

Knopfler explains, ‘Down The Road Wherever’ is a line from ‘One Song At A Time.’ I remember my pal Chet Atkins once saying that he picked his way out of poverty ‘one song at a time,’ and it just stuck in my mind. You get to an age where you’ve written quite a few songs. But Down The Road Wherever seems to be appropriate for me just because it’s what I’ve always done. I’ve always tried to make a record and also to keep my own geography happening in the songs.’

Knopfler & company have pre-released the track “Good On You Son” – it’s available on YouTube and can be streamed here. The song’s style alludes to “Boom Like That”, a single from his album Shangri-La. Half-spoken & half-sung, the lyrical imagery paints everyday life over a slick-fingered electric riff (with that reverb’d overdrive we’ve come to love from Knopfler).

The album officially drops on November 16th.

Mark Knopfler’s Down The Road Wherever
1. Trapper Man
2. Back On The Dance Floor
3. Nobody’s Child
4. Just A Boy Away From Home
5. When You Leave
6. Good On You Son
7. My Bacon Roll
8. Nobody Does That
9. Drovers’ Road*
10. One Song At A Time
11. Floating Away
12. Slow Learner
13. Heavy Up
14. Rear View Mirror*
15. Every Heart In The Room*
16. Matchstick Man

*Deluxe Edition CD bonus tracks

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