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2020 Newmar RV Super C – You’ll Be Amazed

Reporting from the 2019 RVX Show in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event features cutting edge RV technology from Battle Born Batteries, Dometic and more. Winnebago, a featured presenter, is revealing their electric RV!

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If you’ve been waiting for a Newmar RV Super C tour, you’ve come to the right place! We attended RVX in Salt Lake City where the Newmar Super Star was officially released for the first time.

Newmar is known for their luxury Class A diesel pushers. But, this year they are testing out a new class of RVs – the super c.

Super C RVs share many of the same characteristics as regular Class C RVs. However, they’re built on a larger chassis, have a higher center of gravity and are usually powered by diesel.

Here’s Our Video Tour of the Newmar RV Super C:

Newmar has been developing this unit over the last two years. Many RVers are excited about this, and other super Cs, because they offer the luxury and power of a Class A diesel pusher and solving maintenance issues can be a lot easier because the engine is more common & more assessable.

Newmar RV Super C Has Exclusive Features

Unlike Class A’s, Super C’s have been known to ride a little rougher. Newmar is solving this problem by manufacturing a full air-ride cab. This will make travel days much smoother.

The Newmar RV engineers created a “collar” that transitions the air-ride cab to the fixed house of the motor home. This allows movement, which creates a more comfortable ride.

Newmar Super C at RVX

Newmar Super C at RVX in Salt Lake City

Another cool feature is the huge sky window above the front seats. Instead of an overhead bunk, Newmar’s Super C has a ton of open head room and a beautiful skylight. This will give you the feeling similar to a large Class A windshield.

How Much Will The Newmar Super C Cost?

This is a spendy RV! The base price will be somewhere around $350,000. With added features you may be paying more than $400,000 when it’s all said and done.

Newmar Super C Tour

We give you the FIRST look at the Newmar RV Super C

That is an expensive rig, but Newmar is tapping into their existing clientele for this unit. They are known for luxury RV living…and that isn’t changing anytime soon!

When Can You Buy the Newmar RV Super C?

As of the publishing of this article, the Super C is not yet available to the public. You can swing over to the Newmar site and sign up for updates though!

Our friends, The RV Geeks, released an official live video with the folks at Newmar. Watch that video below:

Will Winnebago’s Purchase of Newmar affect the Super C?

The quick answer is probably not…at least not in the near future. The Newmar executives are remaining in place and business should continue as usual.

Winnebago has commented on a few videos that the quality of Newmar coaches will remain high and the warranties shouldn’t be changed anytime soon.

Watch the most recent video tour of the Newmar Super C below:

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