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The recent Honda Generator Recall has caused some confusion among RVers needing to access remote power when camping. Today we’re talking to the folks at Honda Power Equipment to find out the Honda generator recall information.

Most importantly – refer to the Honda website for all the most up to date, official information. Here’s a link: Recall PDF INFO

Watch our Honda Generator Recall video:

Honda Generator Recall Q&A Session:

We were able to ask Honda some important recall questions. Here’s a Q&A with the folks at Honda.

Q: How do I know if my generator is affected by the recall?

A: Most EU2200i generators are affected. Check your serial number. If it is between EAMT-1000001 and EAMT-1260796, it needs to be repaired. The recall affects 4 models: the EU2200i, the EU2200i Companion, the EU2200i Camo, and the EB2200i, which is mainly used for construction.

If you purchased your EU2200i since the recall was announced in mid March, it should already have been repaired by your dealer. You can double check that it was repaired by looking for one of three things:

  1. A “green dot” located on the carton, near the serial number label
  2. A black dot on the on the side cover boss (this is the inside of the generator cover)
  3. A “7EP” label on the engine cover (You can also find this inside of the generator cover)

If you still aren’t sure, contact Honda for assistance. The easiest way is to send a message at this link:

Q: Where do I find my serial number?

A: On the lower right side of the unit.

Q: Is the EU2000i included in the recall?

A: No, EU2000i generators are not affected.

Q: Can you just send me the parts for the EU2200 recall?

A: Sorry, parts cannot be sent to the customer. The Honda Generator recall must be performed by an authorized Honda Power Equipment dealer.

Q: Where can I find info on the recall?

A: Honda’s website has all the details. Look under the Support, and you’ll find the recall page. The EU2200i recall info is at the very top. Direct Link to Poster for Honda Generator Recall

Q: Can customers still use their EU2200i generator?

A: We recommend the customer stop using their EU2200i generator until it is repaired.

Q: My dealer says the part is on backorder. When can I expect parts to arrive?

A: Honda has thousands of parts arriving every week and have been fulfilling orders as quickly as possible. We expect to have all backorders fulfilled in the next two weeks.
We understand that parts availability has been a source of frustration for some customers and our dealers, and we apologize. We continue to work to produce and ship parts as quickly as possible.

Our Honda Generator Recall Experience:

As shown in our video, the Honda generator recall process only took us about 30 minutes. The repair man showed us where the part was located and how it works in the engine.

The shop was located about 20 miles from our basecamp.

If you have a recalled generator and haven’t gotten the issue resolved – we encourage you to have an authorized dealer fix it immediately and before you use it again.


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