Every January thousands of RVers converge in Quartzsite AZ to socialize, boondock & shop. This year will be no different than the last. Or, in the words of David Byrne, “same as it ever was.”

The consistency of Quartzsite AZ isn’t comforting. In fact, over the years it simply moves from RV spectacle to waste-of-time.

Before we bash it, allow us to give Quartzsite AZ a little credit. It served as the launching point for our RV community experience – which is awesome! We learned the importance of our Honda Generator and bought one for cheap in Quartzsite AZ. Finally, it served as the basecamp for many amazing RV convergences.

Those good times made it hard to see Quartzsite AZ for what it really is. Our found emotions from friendships seeped into us thinking we “gotta go back” to Quartzsite AZ one too many times.

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We’ll break the epic fails of Quartzsite AZ down into easy-to-reference sections and include linked info when possible.

Groceries in Quartzsite AZ

Small desert towns aren’t known for their fresh produce, and Quartzsite is no different. We’ll stock up on groceries before we arrive (and recommend you do as well), but if you need to get groceries in Quartzsite, Roadrunner Market is your best bet.

There are also multiple dollar stores in town for dry goods. In front of most of these businesses you’ll find Glacier Water Purification Systems. These come in handy for gallon jug refills – giving you fresh water and reducing your trash.

We also recommend driving to Blythe, California for major grocery shopping. Although its about 20 miles away, the selection makes it worth the drive!

Water & Dump in Quartzsite AZ

Since we don’t have to far to drive (Yuma to Quartzsite), we’ll dump our tanks and fill up with fresh water before heading into Q. If you want to wait until you get to town to dump & fill – there are a few options.

First, you can dump & fill at the RV Pit Stop. We’ve used their service before and found it easy and relatively inexpensive. Rose RV Park in Quartzsite also allows non-guests to dump & fill for a small fee.

The epic fail of these solutions is that they are always slamming busy. RVs line up in the streets as they await to dump or fill.

Trash Disposal in Quartzsite

Since most folks (including us) dry camp when visiting Quartzsite, there are no trash receptacles readily available. The best place to dump trash is at the La Paz Transfer Station. But, the hours of operation are not always known.

We recommend keeping trash to a minimum and packing it in small grocery bags. This allows for even easier disposal at gas station trash cans.

One thing on our list of Boondocking Essentials is paper plates – they help conserve water, stack easily in the trash bag and even work as a campfire starter ๐Ÿ™‚

Receiving Mail in Quartzsite AZ

Traveling full time in an RV always makes receiving mail slightly challenging and Quartzsite doesn’t make it any easier. If you go the General Delivery route – the post office is slamming busy and only distributes GD mail a few hours a day. You may find yourself waiting in line for hours and/or multiple days!

There is an easier, albeit more expensive option. Quiet Time allows direct deliveries from the USPS, UPS and FedEx. Each package will coast about 4 bucks to receive, but it sure beats wasting hours of your day! If you want to try this service out – give them call before hand to find out all the details.

Showers in Quartzsite AZ

If you’re like us and have to conserve water while boondocking, these shower options might be intriguing to you. There are two options for hot showers in Quartzsite. First, the local laundromat has a facility that includes showers. These cost around $6 and offer the luxury of washing your clothes and yourself at the same time. Super weird and somewhat sketchy.

Our most used way though is a truck stop shower. Quartzsite has a few of these available. If you’re hesitant about this option, check out our video below to see what its all about!

People in Quartzsite AZ

While our experience with locals has been limited, they don’t seem thrilled to have their town trampled by RVers every year. Also, customer service in quartzsite leaves a lot to be desired.

We’ve had plenty of good experiences at businesses in Quartzsite, but I’d never rank it in the top of “savvy customer service skills” polls.

Cellular Connectivity in Quartzsite

Why in the world would I expect Quartzsite AZ to have great cell coverage?! The towns population jumps 500% every winter and then retreats to its actually size in the summer.

The north side of town is much better than the center or west side of town, but either way you’ll be struggling to watch Netflix on its bogged down towers.

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  1. Like the tips! But the first video says it is unavailable. The truck stop shower video works. Where I am, there is a 350 gallon water buffalo next to me courtesy of the Forest Service. One of the hikers stopped by and thought that I towed it behind my RV for my Boondocking experience. I had to laugh. But then thought that isnโ€™t such a bad idea…

  2. I’m in between Yuma and Quartzsite now,going to the gun show in Q this weekend then RV expo. Plan to meet with you and say hi.

  3. Hi Kyle and Olivia, I just recently began to follow you on YouTube. First and want to say you 2 are so cute together. Your videos are quite entertaining and interesting. I love the humbleness you exude and your willingness to admit that your donโ€™t know everything but are so willing to learn. I also admire your can-do spirit!! My husband and I will be full time RVers beginning in June. We are so much looking forward to our life on the road and the adventures we will experience. Keep the update videos coming. Praying for you Olivia…having tonsillitis/sore throat is not fun ๐Ÿ˜ž. God bless, Cathy Ott in New Mexico

  4. Hi, long-time subscriber. I work in aircraft sheet metal. Are you using the original panels or planning to make new ones? I can give advice if you’ll would like. Job not to bad for the two of you.

  5. Wow just found you guys. You’re awesome. Really good info and easy to get around the website. Found you on youtube first and then came here to the website. As someone who has never been I would have loved to have seen some photos you took last year of what Quartzsite looks like in full swing. I’m going to put it in the diary for the next US road trip.

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