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The RVers TV Show – Exclusive Cast Interviews

The popularity of RV travel has been booming for the past five years. Finally, we’re getting a high quality TV show that explores the ins & outs of this nomadic lifestyle.

The RVers TV show is debuting on two channels – Discovery & PBS – scheduled to air in late 2019.

The recent RVers TV Show press release expands on the concept:

“The show will take viewers along for the ride as RV-celebrity hosts provide an in-depth look at each and every aspect of the world of RVing  catering to the specific needs of the viewer, with hosts mindfully serving as facilitators serving those needs.  Stunning photography, emotive insights, strategic direction, and masterful writing and editing ensures the that The RVers will far and away be superior to  any other RV show ever produced.”

RVers TV Show
RVers TV Show

RVers TV Show Exclusive Cast Interviews

As full time RVers ourselves, we have become dear-friends with the RVers Show cast throughout our years of travel. On our Drivin’ & Vibin’ YouTube Channel, we’ve interviewed these charming characters and are happy to share it with you today!

Without further ado – let’s take a behind the scenes look at your favorite RVers 💕

Mortons on the Move

Tom & Cait Morton travel full time in a large 5th wheel trailer. However, this summer they’ve been roughing it in a 2020 Lance Truck Camper as they make their way to the Arctic Ocean!

We first met the Mortons serendipitously at a boondocking spot in Idaho Falls. Since then we’ve worked on multiple projects together, and more importantly, made two long lastings friendships.

In this interview we discuss remote work, Tesla RV batteries and life on the road.

The RV Geeks

John & Peter (AKA The RV Geeks) have been full time RVing for over 10 years. They travel in their pristine Class A motorhome with a Honda CRV towed vehicle.

The Geeks have a huge YouTube following. Focusing on DIY RV maintenance, their videos provide great value to anyone willing to learn how to be an RV handyman.

We first met John & Peter at a sushi restaurant in Desert Hot Springs, California. Since then we’ve met up throughout the country at RV rallies and remote boondocking locations.

In this interview we explore the lighter side of the Geeks and learn about their RV journey.


Chris & Cherie – known as Technomadia to the RV community – are the must-use resource for mobile internet when traveling. They created the Mobile Internet Resource Center to provide users with the most up to date info on cellular plans and boosting gear.

We also met Techmomadia at the same sushi restaurant where we met the RV Geeks!

Chris & Cherie will always hold a unique place in our hearts. During our year of research & planning – before hitting the road full time – we watched hundreds of Technomadia’s videos for education & inspiration…to the point that when we met, we were pretty starstruck!

Chris & Cherie played a huge role in giving us the courage to become full time RVers.

The RVers TV Show Creator

Anthony Nalli is the creator of The RVers.

However, he’s no newbie to the reality/documentary genre – his show The Aviators has received critical success around the globe.

For more information check out the RVers TV Show press release here!


  1. What a fun way to round up these interviews! We’re so humbled that we played a role in your own journey to awesomeness. Thanks so much for all you guys have done to continue and spread the inspiration!

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