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Survey Shows Coronavirus Doesn’t Stop RV Campers

Survey Shows Coronavirus Doesn’t Stop RV Campers

March 9 Update: The coronavirus isn’t stopping RV campers from their current travel plans.

In a recent poll of more than 400 RV travelers, the large majority said their plans remain unchanged. In fact, 95% have not canceled their RV travel plans due to the coronavirus.

This is in stark contrast to the cruise & airline industry.

What Are RVers Saying About the Coronavirus?

Many RVers claim that their safety may benefit from the control RV vacations offer them. Debra Prince says, “Going camping is probably THE best self quarantine.”

Her sentiment rings true with many RVers, both full time and part time.

Road Trip Mojo, a popular social media RV account, has had to cancel a few events.

We haven’t cancelled any camping trips, but we have a half-dozen music festivals planned from this month through June and things aren’t looking good. Ultra and SXSW already cancelled, and Coachella’s in question because of a local diagnosis. But I would never cancel a camping trip. That’s just me, my wife, our dog, and the outdoors. – Road Trip Mojo

RVing in the time of coronavirus concern offer a unique way to bug-out into the boonies.


What Are RV Park Owners Thinking?

RV park and campground owners haven’t seen mass cancellations yet. However, some are bracing for what lies ahead.

Multiple park owners have said they have tiered plans of action to roll out in case a quarantine is ordered.

However, the majority of managers and owners we’ve heard from think the coronavirus is blown out of proportion by the media.

People in Japan Are Camping For Safety

A recent article in the Nikkea Asian Review explains how tent camping is becoming a refuge.

Kento Hirashima writes:

Campgrounds around Osaka and Kobe report a sharp rise in reservations. The Snow Peak Minoh campground in the mountains north of here says bookings more than doubled in February compared with a year earlier, and are up by about half this month.

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  1. Bob says:

    I think my life in an RV is safer than any city. Especially since I’m a hard of hearing old introvert, so not around a lot. So my biggest chance of catching this is when I have to go into a town to resupply, as I did yesterday.