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The Best Nude Campgrounds in the USA

The Best Nude Campgrounds in the USA

When we talk about connecting with nature, it usually doesn’t involve your birthday suit. However, there are many campgrounds (more than we imagined) that encourage you to camp in the nude.

From California to Florida, these RV parks and campgrounds want you to experience nature in the most natural way.

Today we’re diving deep into the world of nudist campgrounds in America.

nudist campground

Why Are People Camping in the Nude?

Nudism isn’t a new trend. In fact, Instagram is ripe with images of barebacked travelers exposing themselves to the horizon ahead.

The USA is slower than some to adopt naked camping, but the popularity is growing.

Outdoor enthusiast and campers, alike, long for ways to be more connected with nature around them. This type of RV camping is one way to revisit the roots of humanity.

Feeling the dirt beneath your feet, or your rear end, has been know to help people feel more grounded and understand their place in this world.

Where Can I Find A Nude Campground?

A simple Google search of “nude campgrounds” will set you in the right direction, However, we’ll make it easy on you.

Here are 4 of the most popular nudist campgrounds and RV parks in America:

1. Hidden Lake Campground

Location: Jay, Florida

RV Camping Rate: $25 and up

Campground Vibes: Located in the Florida panhandle (near Pensacola), Hidden Lake is likely to have good temperatures. Additionally, they pride themselves in their community. Corn hole, bocce ball, horseshoes and pot lucks are popular onsite activities.

They also have a private beach area at the Blue Moon Lagoon and nearby hiking trails.

The campground policies are in place create a safe environment. It states, “We dress or undress for comfort.  Since we are a nudist resort we do expect those who use our facility to do so nude, when appropriate.”

What’s the Word: Robert on Google Reviews says, “Very friendly getaway hidden in the rural Florida panhandle to relax to the max. Definitely a No Drama Zone.”


2. Olive Dell Ranch

Location: Colton, CA

RV Camping Rate: $45 and up

Campground Vibes: Located in sunny southern California, this campground gets you away from the hustle and bustle of city life…but, keeps you close enough to the action.

Multiple weekly events are organized to encourage community among campers. They host bingo, dances, pot lucks and karaoke nights!

What’s the Word: Clea on Google Reviews says, “A special retreat where I can be happy nude with my husband. You can choose to be social, or not. Cute little restaurant. Jacuzzi and pool of course!”

3. Blue Lake Resort

Location: Erie, IL

RV Camping Rate: $50 and up

Campground Vibes: The camping season is from May to October. This is for good reason! Camping in freezing temps seems a little risky.

Blue Lake Resort is an official member of American Association of Nude Recreation and has their property approved by the state of Illinois each year.

They have a lot of outdoor activities and amenities! Here’s what they offer:

  • Volleyball
  • Horseshoes
  • Shuffleboard
  • Whirlpool
  • Swimming Pond
  • Hot Showers
  • Dump Station
  • Frisbee Golf

What’s the Word: Douglas on Google Reviews says, “Best dang Nudist camp in Illinois!!!!”

nude camping

4. Shangri La Ranch

Location: New River, AZ

RV Camping Rate: $15 and up

Campground Vibes: Shangri La Ranch is pretty well known among the RV community. It’s located just north of Phoenix – a popular winter RV getaway.

The campground has a beautiful club house, multiple pools, indoor & outdoor games, massage services and hiking trails.

Of all the campgrounds, this one seems the most modern.

What’s the Word: Sallie on Google Reviews says, “These guys run a high class establishment. Friendliest people you could meet. Very accommodating for a group event. Plus do you know it’s 5-10 degrees cooler in New River? Have to say the pool is perfect and the views are amazing.”

5. The Magic Circle

Location: Quartzsite, AZ

RV Camping Rate: Free, it’s on BLM Land

Campground Vibes: This is a super rustic nude campground. In fact, The Magic Circle, refers to itself as “clothing optional.”

If you like free camping and nude camping, give Magic Circle a look.

Don’t want to camp nude, but want camping freedom?

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  1. Marco says:

    I’ve been to Olive Dell Ranch, Shangri La Ranch and many other nudist campgrounds. I have met many nice people who love nature, believe in body acceptance and respect others no matter what their body looks like. I trust people more and feel safer at a nudist campground over a textile campground.

  2. John says:

    We currently live in our RV at a naturist resort. We don’t lock our doors, our neighbors are super friendly, and super helpful. It doesn’t take guts to do this… just a respect for your body and others. It’s totally opposite from being sexual… just freeing. Nudists understand consent, and they understand body shaming. I think you guys would be surprised at just how freeing this would be, and I encourage you to give it a shot.

  3. Sue says:

    When I was a child our next door neighbors invited us to a nudist colony for the weekend. 50 years ago. My parent were all for it. It was camping or staying in little cabins. I was 14 at the time so not very into it. But, we went. It was rough for me but Mom and Dad loved it. I have since then as an adult gone to nude hotsprings ( no big deal ) but the nudist camp was funny to me at the time. Watching people play volleyball, shuffleboard, etc.. in the buff (as a young girl going thru puberty ) was hard.

  4. Dan and Maty says:

    Corn Hole…….Bocce Ball
    SORRY MY IMMATURITY just reared it’s ugly self 😂🤣😂🤣
    This year we were camped at Quartzsite near the red flag area, we were SHOCKED to learn what that was Two weeks later a nude man on an electric stand up scooter paraded up and down the road in front of our campsite I think he had escaped 😣

  5. Kyle & Olivia Brady says:

    I couldn’t help but mention corn hole 🌽 🕳 😂

  6. Bob says:

    Lol! Not for me. Not the nudity but what in can bring. I’ve had mosquitoes bite me there when peeing for crying out loud! One time even a tick. That’s also an area I don’t want sunburned. I’ve had decades of traveling to places where, mostly American women I think, are reveling in topless sunbathing. Or as I call it Mammorie toasting as there were already red so by evening they will be hurting. Then finally my last fear. As a fisherman I don’t want to swim nude. That thing hanging down just might resemble food to a passing fish.😫

  7. Dave J says:

    About 200 or so of our fellow rvers have been been known to spend their entire winters set up in the clothing optional area of LaPosa South near Quartzsite. The area is well marked so those who are afraid to see naked human bodies have no need to be surprised (or shocked as someone said). Due to the age of most of us the area is humorously known as “wrinkle city” to many of our non-naturist friends in Quartzsite and the surrounding areas.
    As far as “free” it is hard to beat up to 7 months camping for a total of $180. With BLM providing water points dump stations and garbage dumpsters—– or. 2 weeks for $80. If one hosts wants to stop for a while then move on.
    BTW for more info on naturist clubs and facilities google AANR on the web.

    Dave J

  8. Laura D says:

    We were at the Quartzsite area this winter and I seem to remember $40 for the two week pass. It’s a nice place and never very crowded, as it is very spread out. Water is available as you drive in and out, so if you’re there for two weeks you can bring a couple of five gallon containers and haul water to your site after an exciting day in town or out on the trails. This is a good place to go if you’re still honing your dry camping skills as everything is available, but not so convenient you’re tempted to get too carried away with your use of resources.