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Coronavirus Patient Isolated near Campground in Georgia State Park

Coronavirus Patient Isolated near Campground in Georgia State Park

The first Georgia coronavirus patient has been isolated to a Georgia state park.

The story was reported by WSB-TV Atlanta. According to the news source, “(the) state park was going to house seven emergency mobile units as a precautionary measure in accordance with the state’s strategic plan to prepare for any and all scenarios as it relates to COVID-19 cases in Georgia”

Why Is State Park Isolation the Current Strategy?

Georgia has a few large population centers. Residents often live in close quarters such as apartments, condos and townhomes.

Remote state parks remove coronavirus patients from the masses and make sure recovery happens before reintroduction.

The Governer’s Office said in a press release, “The individual was not able to isolate at their primary residence and was not in critical condition requiring any hospital admittance. State public health officials determined that a specific part of Hard Labor Creek State Park would be best suited for isolation as the individual is treated by medical professionals…”

What If You Have Campground Reservations?

A state park representative said the coronavirus patient is not housed in the official campground. Rather, the isolation area is located in a section of the park that is always off-limits to visitors.

This is the campground cancellation policy:

Reservations can be changed one time without penalty. Any additional changes will incur a $10 transfer fee. Cancellations made at least 3 days prior to arrival will incur a $10 cancellation fee. Cancellations made 3 or less days prior to arrival results in a loss of deposit. All fees incurred are per reservation. (Note: Visitors who have paid more than the minimum required will be refunded all but the required minimum deposit amount.)

Where is Hard Labor Creek State Park in Georgia?

Hard Labor Creek State Park is located in Rutledge, Georgia – about 50 east of Atlanta.

Campground Reviews scored the campground 8.5/10. The high marks are reflective of the quality of the facility.

Loki on Campground Reviews says, “This is a nice, quiet park located close to lake Brantley. It feels like in the middle of nowhere, but the park is actually just 15 minutes away from I20. Most sites are spacious and under trees.”

georgia state park

Are Campers Changing Travel Plans?

In a recent survey of 500 RV campers, 95% said they have not changed their RV travel plans due to the coronavirus. Campgrounds have received less phone calls lately for reservations, but haven’t seen a drop-off yet.

Additionally, many RV owners say their RV is great for escaping off-grid, away from population centers.

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  1. Stephen Gorzynski says:

    I understand Louisiana is using Bayou Segnette SP for the same purpose, as a quarantine site. My y son is presently quarantined these awaiting test results.