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5 Remote Work Myths That Could Be Costing You

5 Remote Work Myths That Could Be Costing You

There are many remote work myths spreading across the internet. As full time (working age) RVers, we’ve heard them all…and we’ve also proved them to be “busted!”

When we were considering the full time RV lifestyle, one of the first questions we asked ourselves was – “How do we make money on the road?”

This led us to exploring remote work options where we could leverage our unique skills and talents. One of biggest teachers has been our friend, Camille Attell from More Than a Wheelin.

Today Attell is sharing the biggest remote work myths and featuing her Remote Work 101 course.

Let’s dive in!

5. There are no Remote Jobs Out There

Lots of folks looking for remote work can tend to feel like there just aren’t many remote jobs out there. They get discouraged and feel like theres nothing out there or the job market is slow. However, the data says something different:

  • Employers are losing people to a strong job market and in an effort to try and keep them they’re offering more flexible schedules and remote work options
  • In the last 3 years there has been an increase in remote jobs
  • The remote work options are also offering more meaningful salaries than in previous years

4. All Remote Work Jobs Are Scams

Some folks are concerned that not everyone has their best interest at heart and they might get scammed. That’s a legitimate concern and its good to be cautious and know what to look for. However scams are less common than you might think and there are some simple tips to spot a scam and keep yourself safe:

  • Use reputable job sites like,,
  • never give them money
  • never give out personal information like credit card number or SSN

3. Remote Work Jobs Are Low Paying

Sometimes when first looking for remote work it can seem like the only remote jobs are low paying. This could be due to unfamiliarity with online jobs sites and not understanding how to work the platform just yet. Here are some things to keep in mind when job hunting

  • If you’re seeing lower paying results, they’re likely entry level positions
  • You do not have to take a pay cut or take an entry level position, unless your looking at going into a brand new field
  • Remote jobs can pay just as much as a on site jobs
Find Remote Work with Flexjobs

Find Remote Work with Flexjobs

2. Remote Work Jobs Require Computer Skills

If you’re looking into a remote work position for the first time, you may be concerned that you wont have enough computer skills. The good news is there are plenty of positions that require minimal computer skills or don’t require you to use a computer at all. Here are some things to consider:

  • customer service jobs primarily use the phone for work
  • you can work temporary location based jobs along your travels
  • there are many jobs that only require as much computer skills as it took for you to find this blog article
  • computer skills can be learned

1. I Don’t Have Enough Skills

Some individuals may fear they lack the skills or are unqualified for remote work. That is simply not true. People in general are multi-talented and sometimes they just haven’t recognize the strengths they already have. You are more qualified and talented than you even realize.

If you’re still unsure what remote job is right for you, we have good news! Camille is especially good at helping people find their hidden talents and she is offering a free webinar where she dives deeper into remote work and finding and harnessing your individual skills. You can reserve your spot for the webinar here.


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