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Private RV Parks Closed by Local Government

Private RV Parks Closed by Local Government

Following the nationwide closures of many public campgrounds, the City of Marfa (Texas) and Presidio County are forcing multiple privately-owned RV parks to close up shop.

Beginning on March 23rd the RV facilities must stop service for 15 days.

Presidio County is remotely located in West Texas near Big Bend National Park.

Panoramic Milky way, Big Bend National Park

What Are The RV Parks & Guests Saying?

El Cosmico, a self described bohemian nomadic hotel, released this official statement on their website,

It’s with a heavy heart that we announce the doors are temporarily closing at El Cosmico on March 23…We’re in this together, even though, for now, we’re just together in spirit.

The RV Outlaws, a popular full time RV page on Facebook, were camping in Marfa, Texas at Apache Pines RV Park when the closures were announced. They added on their Facebook page post,

S— is getting real folks. Marfa is closing pretty much everything, including hotels and RV parks.. so we’re moving on tomorrow and by the end of the weekend we’ll be in very different landscapes than this one.. cheers to the weekend!

Are RV Parks Essential or Non-Essential?

In a recent poll shared with hundreds of RV enthusiasts, 84% think that campgrounds and RV parks should be considered an essential business.

By closing parks and campgrounds, full time RV travelers and RVers away from home may be left without proper water & electric resources.

Here Are Resources for the Most Recent RV Park & Campground Closures

Stay up to date with closure of RV parks & campgrounds.

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  1. David Casko says:

    NOT surprised but on the other hand being out on the road for long distance travel vacations with plans for boon-docking and only needing H2O and Dumpstations and ability to restock food supply seems no more dangerous than quarantine at home

  2. Brent Wood says:

    Currently, TPWD has not closed state parks in Texas. Various parks have closed due to staffing or other issues. Park stores and restrooms are closed. Parks are open but tent campers will be inconvenienced. Seems the wide open spaces are the safest places to be. I feel well isolated in my RV and the wife and I have reservations at Blanco State Park week after next (so far).

  3. Bob says:

    You’ve done it again. Before I could finish writing an update about how New Mexico is NOT giving full refunds I was cut off and set to the dign up page

  4. Thank you for this article and keeping us all informed. My husband and I obviously had to cancel our summer vacation to Italy, so were thinking of taking our RV out west instead. One place we had in mind was New Mexico. Seems like our options might be closing slowly by surely.

  5. Cecil Redway says:

    I agree! Living in a condo, probably puts us at more risk than RV’ing. My wife and I camped/RV’s for years. We come into contact with folks(doorways, stairs, greeting, etc) living here than we ever did while in an RV camp, unless deliberately (walking around meet/greet.) For a quaranteen, give me an RV park!

  6. Bob says:

    I don’t know why I see others here with long post while I can’t.

  7. Tom says:

    This is certainly a sad state of affairs. If this proliferates it will be very bad for full timers that don’t have a place to go.

  8. John Wood says:

    Surprised that Marfa ( which is so isolated in the Big Bend area) that they would close. ( I used to live there). Govt officials that live in mansions and or housing paid for by We the people, have no qualms about throwing people out of places to live. Millions LIVE in RV parks. What’s better, people all crowd into motels or stay in there separate trailer units?

  9. Tina Clouatre says:

    This would be a disaster for those of us who live in our rv full time. We would have no place to go!

  10. Lane says:

    This is terrifying. We would have no where to go, we are full timers.

  11. Marsha says:

    This stupidity makes no sense. Allow those in a park to stay there and stop anyone new from coming in. No exposure that way – at least those of us who are full timers won’t be on the road moving constantly and gambling with the virus. It seems a simple solution.

  12. Ronda says:

    Clearlake state park, clearlake, Ca.
    Is closed for camping.

  13. Cynthia Diane Hunter says:

    What about people who live full time in an RV Park?

  14. Clark Neel says:

    Closing parks makes no more sense that closing apartments.

  15. Dave Steele says:

    Working our way back to Arizona from Arkansas. Texas is easy with State Park availability, but New Mexico closing parks to camping is beyond comprehension. Have to dead head from a Cracker Barrel and reroute through Carlsbad

  16. TxFamilyCamper says:

    We JUST went full-time last week. Now the Army COE campgrounds are closing…. we’re 300 feet away from the closest person! Now we’re being forced to move around more, use more gas stations, and increase the risk of spreading. Without closing, RVers are completely isolated with lots of room (nobody wants to use the campground bathrooms anyways).

  17. Bob Houghton says:

    I suspect government officials, being people, just don’t understand. They think that everyone who camps is only a few hours from home. This is obviously not true. There is no logic to sending people packing to drive hundreds, perhaps a few thousand miles back to their official domicile exchanging germs with every gas station attendant and Walmart employee along the way. Contact your representative in your legislature. Get them involved. At the very least, it may inject a little logic at the local level.

  18. Bob Houghton says:

    An in the Texas Rocks department, I contacted my representative’s office here in Texas, and I received an email. They are going to speak with their counterparts for Presidio County about this. There is no guarantee of results, but it looks like there will be a conversation about this. Did I say that Texas is really cool?

  19. Shawn Lake says:

    I am a travel nurse heading to a new assignment that needs me. We live in RV parks. I eont be able to provide my skills if this continues.

  20. James Moran says:

    It is interesting that some states have turned to RV parks as part of the self-quarantine issue and others are closing them. The best thing we can do is write our representatives, For those being displaced when you look for a new home, be sure you ask about their refund policy. I am currently in the Ellensburg Washington KOA but my reservation would have been refunded in full had I needed to cancel due to closure or travel restrictions.

  21. Shannon Vandiepenbos says:

    They are closing the RV parks but not the RV plants that manufacture these units.If we can still be in these units and plants that all have well over 100 employees for 10 hours a day where social distancing is impossible not to mention how the units just roll down the line for every department to get hands on that way the whole place can catch this shit. It seems to me that the way we are going about things is going to screw us all. We better get are shit together.

  22. robyne says:

    If you have a sticks and bricks, please stay there. Remote places like Moab and Marfa don’t have enough medical facilities to take care of you if get ill. That’s why they are closing hotels and campgrounds. There are plenty of commercial parks closer to urban areas (closer, not in) where you can stay for a longer period of time. My hope is that they don’t start price gouging.

  23. Debi says:

    I am a full timer, in Texas.. My domicile is NV..I can’t go back it’s all shut down..

  24. Janette Young says:

    Full Time Senior RVers
    Told Army Corp of Engineer camp grounds close Monday. Next reservations cancelled so here we pay we pay half with AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL pass So $28/14. Private. KOA. IT IS $49. What choice do we have? We cannot continue this way but this is our home no other home this is home. We are not close to anyone. Walk the dog. Watch the bird, squirrels we do not need much gov has now taken that from us

  25. This is their way to force “free people” aka “RVers” into highly concentrated areas like cities. There’s more to this quarantine than just a virus, folks. Read between the lines and think about what’s really happening… Love and light to everyone!!

  26. H says:

    RV Parks are essential because families actually LIVE there.

  27. William Boaz says:

    Bingo you win the big prize. There is alot more going on.. problem is it is only conjecture as to what. The sickness and death toll is very small but what they are doing about it almost sounds like a chance for ethnic cleansing. Didnt mary and joseph have to go home and stay therr. No one is asking the right questions of the right people and forcing them to give the right answers.