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The Best RV Kitchen Remodels on Instagram

The Best RV Kitchen Remodels We Found on Instagram

Are you looking for RV kitchen remodel inspiration? If so, you’ve come to the right spot.

Today we’re featuring the most amazing RV kitchens we could find on Instagram. Don’t expect to buy these straight from your RV dealer. If you want to replicate these designs you’ll need to take a trip to the workshop (or hire a local contractor).

Let’s dive in!

1. Dark Island, Warm Beams

We love the dark, contrasting island and the warm wooden ceiling beams. The grey granite countertop and gold hardware put a modern touch on the RV kitchen remodel.

That rug is poppin’, too!

2. Creative Shelves & Bright Backsplash

This is an Airstream RV kitchen remodel. We love the exposed, wooden selves with industrial mounting brackets. Also, the tiled backsplash is great for cleaning and contrast.

3. A Golden Sink? Why not!

If you like being flashy, you’ll love this golden sink. Not only is the hardware gold, but the whole dang sink rocks the look! The subway tiles are a nice touch, too.

Pro Tip: Here’s a great resource for RV remodel ideas.

4 . Updated Kitchen Storage

The best part of this kitchen remodel is the ample RV storage. The white paint opens up the space and the hardware adds the flair.

5. Residential Vibes in an RV Kitchen

This kitchen remodel looks more like a true residential kitchen. A butcher block counter top, chandelier lighting, and magnetic knife set round out this beautiful space.

6. Deep Sink, Corner Kitchen

RVs with corner kitchens are awesome! They usually have ample work space on either side of the sink. This RV remodel spared no expense with the deep sink – perfect for cleaning pots & pans.

7. Beach Condo or RV?

Everything about this design was well thought out. We love the vibrant colors and the light wood floors. After a fresh coat of paint, this RV kitchen remodel is able to re-use the RV appliances!

8. Subtle & Warm

Exposed shelves can really open up a space. We love the look, but we hate to imagine what happens on RV travel day!

9. Exposed Brick Backsplash

This unique RV kitchen remodel uses faux exposed brick to as a home-y vibe. We like the creativity of it!

10. Black & White RV Kitchen

How about this sexy RV kitchen remodel? The oversized tiles, dark cupboards, light granite and creative lighting have this space boasting with confidence.

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  1. sarahstyf says:

    This always gives me too many ideas.

  2. lorrainedevereaux says:

    Yeah, I don’t think most of these RVs actually travel. They’re tiny homes. Beautiful ones, but not RVs.