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As RV Dealer Sales Decline, Keystone Expands Online Shopping Platform

As RV Dealer Sales Decline, Keystone Expands Online Shopping Platform

The RV Dealers Association (RVDA) released devastating survey results today. According to their data, the majority of dealers said new RV sales were down at least 50%.

These numbers aren’t all that surprising given these unprecedented times. However, the outlook going forward may be bleak. Especially since the RV Industry Association predicted “RV shipments are expected to stabilize in 2020.”

That was before COVID-19 crippled the economy.

Meanwhile, Keystone RV is taking proactive steps to help consumers purchase RVs digitally.

Roads are empty as travelers are directed to stay at home.

Here’s an in-depth look:

Diving deeper into the “New Unit Sales,” this is what the RVDA survey shows:

“Forty-four percent of dealers said their new unit sales volume was down 75 percent or more. Another 21 percent reported their new RV sales were off 50 to 74 percent, and another 11 percent said they had closed their sales department.”

Additionally, the fixed operations of most dealers (this includes the service department) was down at least 50%. In fact, 7% of dealers have temporarily closed their service department.

Keystone RV Taking a Different Approach

In the midst of RV dealership struggles, Keystone RV has enhanced & expanded their shop-at-home service called Key Connect. Here’s what the company says about it’s digital program:

“Beginning Thursday, April 16, Keystone RV is expanding the services the company provides to online shoppers. Product Managers and District Sales Managers will join Keystone’s Key Connect™ Product Advisors to provide specialized, in-depth and personal interaction with website visitors.”

The online capability of Key Connect goes far beyond virtual RV walk-throughs. Shoppers have access to live conversations with brand specialists for 12 hours (Monday through Friday)

New Key Connect shop-at-home capabilities include:

  • Personal shopping assistance with expanded service hours, Monday – Friday 8A-8P and weekends by appointment
  • Live conversations with brand specialists who can provide in-depth expertise on a product lines and models
  • LIVE 360° video walkthroughs of any new model
  • Digital versions of brochures and other product information
  • Concierge service to facilitate dealership appointments and quotes

Keystone’s Lithium Advantage

In addition to Keystone RV’s innovative online shopping platform, they are also leading the way in the lithium race.

Keystone’s Montana brand offers a Super Solar Flex package that includes over 500ah of lithium batteries. This allows an RVer to camp off-grid without losing the functionality of their electrical system (both AC & DC).

I actually tested one of their Super Solar Montana’s in freezing temps. The results were awesome (spoiler: I never ran out of power).

A Lithium Powered RV is Made for Boondocking

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  1. Paul Roese says:

    not a surprise. i went to Costco today and there was a line and projected 30-45 minute wait time. i went to an Aldi nearby instead. i appreciate these stores are having their workers wear PPE which the stores are providing. they are also controlling the number of shoppers allowed in. some TP was actually in stock! there were limits on it and on many items you could buy. that’s one thing you might consider if travelling how well are stores in certain areas stocked. saw a number of empty shelves at Aldi and my local grocery. also have to think about what healthcare resources are available in the boondocks. that should give folks pause about travel plans.